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103mm Turbo Truck RIPS!
3 months ago
Hopdiddys Chronic Tacos
To be fair he totally lied about how powerful his car was but still old mate talked shit and lost so gg.
its Jammbi
its Jammbi Day ago
Of course it’s the bmw driver. No skill
its Jammbi
its Jammbi Day ago
v8 drivers don’t know how to drive lmao yall be spinning and losing control
ed boi
ed boi Day ago
bro the dude in the red gtr all talk till a civic pull up
Carlos Munoz
Carlos Munoz Day ago
Watching 1320's videos, and then be in one, what a dream come true
I’d like to see Beater bomb run with the street outlaws just to see how he stacks up against them. One hell of a racer and he seems to be a good guy too!
James Mason
James Mason Day ago
Fkn stroppy lol.
Marko Stevanovic
You meant 1S300?
Ruzbyk Day ago
Mechanic:How much lag do you want? Driver: yes
Vinny V
Vinny V Day ago
Unique burnout car for sure, but not enough Tire smoke.
Reppin Midland!!! Nice!! Que onda guey!?
Overland Wannabe
Overland Wannabe
Listening to power vehicle owners apologizing is weird. Y'all know that this is a beast +
Murder Bong
Murder Bong Day ago
CLow Day ago
Supra brother, engine, not motor... Let’s stop the word salad.
Brett Atkins
Brett Atkins Day ago
It doesn't matter if U carnt polish a turd because U can roll that bitch in glitter boom
The Chad
The Chad Day ago
That’s not Steven Grimes is it? These things are so rare that you tend to remember the owners Okay after hearing him talk that’s definitely Steven lmao
Casey Jackson
This man is a fkn legend. He trips on his balls as he walks just wrecked now happy af.
Potent Pudz
Potent Pudz Day ago
ive been watching murda for years took a hiatus from him watching his dayz streams and heard him talking bout his car never seen it and dammm]
Steve Gregg
Steve Gregg Day ago
Damn good for a car that weighs that much.
Basim Alomrani
Vette for track and demon for drag, you would expect a car like a dodge demon to beat it.
I Day ago
"Except Fred"
Josh Appleseed
Ford fucking ranger
RC Codes
RC Codes Day ago
what an awesome mom!
The wise Guy
The wise Guy Day ago
7:52 man stole my pants I got the same ones
Deep Six
Deep Six Day ago
That caddy fuckin' waxed that electric piece of shit.
Evan B.
Evan B. Day ago
texas roadhouse
This video is as old as I am
David Donaghy
I love it.
Hondo Khadi
Hondo Khadi Day ago
A humble guy by the name of Jay Lee wins the hearts of thousands of race fans. 1k comments and counting supporting this man!! Random commenter: Good guy! Someone sponsor him!! Comment gets 1000 likes. 50 replies. Actual star of the video Jay Lee himself comments: 4 likes. No replies. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
It seems like Honda Civic should be banned from drag racing all they were doing was smashing into the wall over and over.
Junior romero
Love it
Charles Williams
Good to see Murda doing what he loves!!! Glad we got to see him on 1320 channel!
Matthew Nunez
Jay is a great guy! He lives maybe 2-3 miles from my old man's place. He has a really nice Cummins shorty that's fast as hell, Jay definitely knows how to build some fast vehicles.
Dude is mad humble.... he’s the definition of “keeping it real”
Really BadAim
Great truck!!
Chayse T
Chayse T Day ago
unfortunate run. love seeing that car
Christian Garcia
that’s the boy !!!!
Krystal Doubleday
this car: 0-60 time: 0.1 milliseconds
Rob Nordal
Rob Nordal Day ago
Badupbadup ohhhhhh the sound of music!!!!!
James Gazdag
James Gazdag Day ago
Hell ya
SPICYBOI52 Day ago
9 year olds on the swings be like....
Murlock Holms
That's what you call Karma for being a sneaky pete about your set up.
Shaun shaunk
Shaun shaunk Day ago
I saw you on Stapleton42 MURDA
What kinda hot sauce they got in Mexico to gives these things 1000+
Blair Downs
Blair Downs Day ago
The best thing is the owner/driver is a nice guy without a trace of ego. Nice job, friend :)
Rick Starr
Rick Starr Day ago
RAD @$$ F*@#!%& NOVA! !!
Too lng
Too lng Day ago
all i was thinking is they couldve given him a bit more space lol
Klip One
Klip One Day ago
Yea I could have told you 4-5 years ago this was 1/8 mile times. But its all good!
Carlos Gonzalez
What a Machine 😶😮
Kenny gaines
Kenny gaines Day ago
This seems to be a dangerous track
urhotmom Day ago
Murda brought me here
John Hill
John Hill Day ago
key word: destroyer
Grimm II
Grimm II Day ago
I know that truck I ain't no stranger I know this truck that's a FUCKIN FORD RANGER
Steve Chavez
Steve Chavez Day ago
Sponser the man
My f body will murder this thing.
Mark C
Mark C Day ago
We in here boys #MurdaSquad
Gustavo Mollinedo
Viper had no chance 😂
shawn padilla
You don't work on your cumns enough if it still has the oil cap with the overtorque clicker cover thingy 1:13
Te Hopo
Te Hopo Day ago
I chuckled the whole way through this, and really lost it at the sunburned knee 😂
Garrett Tidholm
Someone should buy you some decent shades...
Jesse Dotson
Jesse Dotson Day ago
THAT IS TWO TURBOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Epic R32
Lucid_Aura Day ago
"Yes officer its stock"
Tasi Malala
Tasi Malala Day ago
Linkavich Chamofskee
Wow. Imagine how less scary this would have been if he had an actual clutch pedal and not stuck relying on the DSC Trans..
Michele McLaughlin
That’s gotta be my favorite truck ever
Miami Aqua Life
GTR is 4 wheel drive, vs viper 2 wheel drive. Viper spun a bit at start of race. 4 wheel drive platforms gonna out perform unless on slicks at a track. The Calvo Viper uses an aero package to get downforce on the rear wheels, mudtruck doesn't have that.
Eviscerate Day ago
4:25 holy shit that s10 tho
Technical Support
6:31 its so loud it sounds as if the camera man is just putting his mouth over the mic and making car noises hahaha
Casual Steve
Casual Steve Day ago
Iliana Umanzor
I'm telling my mother that im buying Civic: My mom: you don't need that old junk: Me showing her this video: She buying one for herself:
Annette Sheckler
Get a job and respect others
Jeannette Mendoza
Badass # murda squad!!! Congrats murda 🎊🎉💙💙
This is the best video ever
Kukuh Satrio
Kukuh Satrio Day ago
Gabisa bahasan Inggris
el daniel.
el daniel. Day ago
woah midland Texas. , that’s where I live. !!