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Cheers to all of our 3,000,000 subscribers, thank you for tuning in to the craziness that is 1320Video! We hope you all have a great 2021, who knows, maybe we'll be filming you in this coming year :)
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Dec 30, 2020




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Charles Wagner
Charles Wagner Month ago
1320 is the best. I’ve been watching y’all and the Mexican Racing League forever. Thanks for the years of great content!
Mick Holden
Mick Holden 2 months ago
Beard looks good
David Kalamejski
David Kalamejski 2 months ago
Og here...since it was only you. And so much you guys have invited to the car game mann
john Jacobs
john Jacobs 2 months ago
Congrats you guys do great videos!! Tx
Bob Caca
Bob Caca 2 months ago
Jimmy kimmel?
Andre Dillard
Andre Dillard 2 months ago
I been subscribed for a very long time I watch yall video on facebook suntimes also
Glockspecific 2 months ago
I was a sophomore in high school when you made this deal, that's crazy!
serstylz2 2 months ago
There's a Q50 in NC that could outrun some supercars 👀 5.60 60-130
Blake bateson
Blake bateson 2 months ago
Y'all should sign the pre ordered ones I got one ordered and that would be sick
Levrie's Automotive LLC
Awesome guys! Congratulations on your success.
kilamanjaro Mountain
Proud subscriber here!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Larry Sheran
Larry Sheran 3 months ago
Congrats on 3M Subs!! You guys deserve it! You inspired me. We all gotta start somewhere: us-first.info/name/PLGP17U6Gqtv82NlUFqiWL8rlu_O3BijG4
Timar123 3 months ago
Holy crap I just saw this vid. I swooped on that pre order just in time. Stoked. Congrats!
Sebastien Schoreel
Sebastien Schoreel 3 months ago
Congratulate guys . For all.
shayne sabala
shayne sabala 3 months ago
Congrats guys. You deserve this. You put out awesome videos and I’m very happy for you. Keep up the great work.
Tim Breedlove
Tim Breedlove 3 months ago
Congratulations 1320
sonic 3 months ago
Hot damn, 3M?! congrats! 🎉
hipo4eyes1 3 months ago
Congratulations to the entire 1320 team! This only happens when the passion you have for the industry shines through in your videos! Thank you for the great content week after week! Greetings from South Florida!!
HIGHDROPONIC 3 months ago
I just wanted to say congratulations to Kyle and Everyone from 1320video, I remember a day I was not doing too well and they took the time out of there day to put a smile on our faces... thank you for all the hard word you've earned it
Fisherman Dan
Fisherman Dan 3 months ago
Just ordered my shirt/sticker! Congratulations guys
James Williams
James Williams 3 months ago
awesome job guys,thats what great content does!!!!
James Williams
James Williams 3 months ago
and hard ass work and dedication
Ezequiel Juarez
Ezequiel Juarez 3 months ago
Congrats guys!! Love all of your content. Especially all of the México content.
Jonny G
Jonny G 3 months ago
Kyle, thx so much for all the effort you put in your job. I didnt know shit about drag racing until I found your channel. Congratulations for you and your ofcourse your team. You guys rock!!!! So much love from Spain✌️
Poz 3 months ago
I subbed when cleetus first bought Leroy and I learned all about 1320video and the boosted boys. Hopefully one day I’ll meet the crew for a lap around power cruise
Benny Winters
Benny Winters 3 months ago
GingerHitman 3 months ago
congrats to the whole crew!! been subbed to you guys since 2010. just had to order the special edition shirt. can't wait to get it in!!!
Jack Harding
Jack Harding 3 months ago
Love the channel, been watching since middle school
Dave Carr
Dave Carr 3 months ago
Congratulations!! I got my dragy and t today!! Holy crap you guys ship fast!!!! Thanks and keep up the great work!!!!
Joey Jackson
Joey Jackson 3 months ago
Congrats 🎉🎊🎈🍾
F Burwell
F Burwell 3 months ago
1320 salvaging 2020 for a win!
530 Street Racing
530 Street Racing 3 months ago
Hire me haha I started filming street racing in 2003.
werner viet
werner viet 3 months ago
would love to get one but shipping to South Africa would be insane
Mark M
Mark M 3 months ago
The blue and red 1320video logo Mr. Bruner did is sick!!! Put it on a hoodie, I’ll buy two! Congratulations on 3 million subs, now let’s see 5 million by the end of 2021!! - may the streets be blessed this year!🤞🏼
Vision Media
Vision Media 3 months ago
Thanks for all the hard work!
Josh Basgall
Josh Basgall 3 months ago
Congratulations guys
FASTMAROS 3 months ago
Congrats Kyle & team !!
bronze 3 months ago
Who remembers the heid ho production days?
Hunter Tanner
Hunter Tanner 3 months ago
Congrats 1320
Just A Guy
Just A Guy 3 months ago
January 1, 2021 9:00 AM in Los Angeles it shows 3,000,000! Congratulations guys!
Dereck Majczyk
Dereck Majczyk 3 months ago
Shouts outs from Erie Pennsylvania
MrOrb666 3 months ago
Many congratulations guys. Thanks for the best drag race channel bar none 😜 Love your work
RRR Motorsports
RRR Motorsports 3 months ago
Proudly rep my 1320 sticker
Andre Preston
Andre Preston 3 months ago
Best racing coverage team out there! Love y'all from Ca ❤
ROB 747
ROB 747 3 months ago
Congrats to 1320video from Sydney Australia looking forward to seeing you guys at coota drag battle 2021.
Robert Craighead
Robert Craighead 3 months ago
Congrats 1320
Love you guys! Thank you for the contribution to the racing world! Yuh the best! One day I would love for you guys to take a ride on one of my built that still in progress but soon will be done. Stay bless 😎🤙
Michael Dillon
Michael Dillon 3 months ago
Fantastic Guys ... tons of Hard work getting that Amazing Content. Congratulations Best of the Best
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 3 months ago
Look guys it’s a great year for 1320
Pablo Negron
Pablo Negron 3 months ago
Happy subscribers from Puerto Rico,continue your good work.
Victor Villatoro
Victor Villatoro 3 months ago
Waiting for 3 mil, congrats to everybody at the studio
Joaquin Corzo
Joaquin Corzo 3 months ago
Happy new years
Erik J
Erik J 3 months ago
Awesome content! You guys fuckin rock!
pilliman 3 months ago
Well done guys! go for 2021!
Cruz A
Cruz A 3 months ago
I been here since the blue single cab silverado
Didier Rachelle
Didier Rachelle 3 months ago
4.000.000 in 2021 cool!!!
MrDavidelliottjr 3 months ago
Damn i missed it.
Brendan Canavan
Brendan Canavan 3 months ago
congrats guys GG
Shea Fox
Shea Fox 3 months ago
The beard looks great!
nonya biz
nonya biz 3 months ago
Simply the best in motorsports coverage. 1320 deserves this. Thank you to all the crew for the hard work.
Sam Vega
Sam Vega 3 months ago
Lol sweet I helped, I subscribed this year, idk why it took me so long I've been watching your videos for ever.
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 3 months ago
Dites pas merci avec la pub que je vous fait sur Facebook
Kayce Brown
Kayce Brown 3 months ago
I bet the guy in the red hoodie makes $10 an hour and gets free Merch!
Paul Tidwell
Paul Tidwell 3 months ago
Congratulations 🎉 👏 🎉
Gdkh Hhhg
Gdkh Hhhg 3 months ago
Congratulations on the 3 million subs
D.B.Cooper 3 months ago
FANTASTIC JOB!!!! All of you at 1320 are truly Legends
Clayt Gibbons
Clayt Gibbons 3 months ago
Love the job you guys do.
christopher pierce
christopher pierce 3 months ago
You guys are on the mount Rushmore of youtube racing. Thank you for keeping racing alive. Michigan loves you.
stick004 3 months ago
I love seeing 1320 stickers on local cars! Makes me feel like I’m part of the cool kid club!
Guillermo Perez
Guillermo Perez 3 months ago
John Shackelford
John Shackelford 3 months ago
King Ranch janky fuel If ALLAH wills it?
yeahitskimmel 3 months ago
I feel like I was into 1320 before US-first
Randy's Restoration
Randy's Restoration 3 months ago
Following for more years than I can count
Chris Parr
Chris Parr 3 months ago
3 mill subs but damnnn 1 billion + views
Andy Fromm
Andy Fromm 3 months ago
Congratulations, I could use a subscriber or two. I do custom work to vehicles & tractors on my channel.
UQ*SeDiz 3 months ago
Paul Erickson
Paul Erickson 3 months ago
Got me and my brother a shirt!! Congrats guys uou deserve it
notcher89 3 months ago
Congrats guys! Keep the content coming.
Joe F.
Joe F. 3 months ago
Nice work boys!
B I 3 months ago
Mike Neary
Mike Neary 3 months ago
You guys are God's! Thank-you for all the awesome content!
Kenneth Culbertson
Kenneth Culbertson 3 months ago
Congratulations, that's a dream job, glad it paid off! Long time subscriber, you guys are awesome!
vdubster 3 months ago
Congratulations, well deserved
TurboandStance 3 months ago
You guys deserve it bro 👍 we share almost all your videos on our website. Thanks for the awesome content!
Turbo Weddington
Turbo Weddington 3 months ago
Awesome. Great channel.
Justin-sane 3 months ago
Keep up the good work! Congradulations to the whole team!!
Kostas Iliadis
Kostas Iliadis 3 months ago
Nice look Kyle!
Gabriel Hernandez
Gabriel Hernandez 3 months ago
Simon Davies
Simon Davies 3 months ago
Happy new year from NZ to all you guys at 1320 .
S. K. M
S. K. M 3 months ago
Well bloody done guys a fantastic achievement. Happy New year to you and all the gang! Bring on a great 2021 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊👍💯
Frank Pandolfini
Frank Pandolfini 3 months ago
I had the same first car
beatbox_one_and_two 3 months ago
Nice beard
gullreefclub 3 months ago
congratulations on 3 Million subscribers
فارس فيصل
فارس فيصل 3 months ago
AG GA 3 months ago
Time goes by. Still remember watching getaway in Stockholm. And early 1320 videos 🤘🏻 Congrats on 3M+ !
Phil Winstanley
Phil Winstanley 3 months ago
G’day from Sydney Australia. Love your work. Congratulations. Much respect💪🏼
R Jn
R Jn 3 months ago
Congrats. Your channel brings joy worldwide keep up the good work👍💪
Anthony Boulus
Anthony Boulus 3 months ago
Great work mate Been here for about 10 years.. Always following from Brisbane Australia
Larry Norem
Larry Norem 3 months ago
rc crazy mike
rc crazy mike 3 months ago
Congratulations 👏 👍
2turbo4u 3 months ago
This is crazy that you guys have 3m subscribers. I will be with you for the next 3mil. Congratulations !