7 second Viper, 4 Rotor MADNESS, & MORE! (TX2K21 Day 2) 

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The second day of TX2K doubled down on excitement as some of the CRAZIEST passes in TX2K history were made! Roll racing eliminations this year were some of the scariest passes we’ve ever seen, and drag racing classes faced some serious traction problems with the colder than usual weather here in Baytown, TX. Racing here at Houston Raceway Park has never been more exciting, especially for Kyle finally being able to go rounds with his AMS built Audi R8! Day 2 here covered the emotional spectrum all the way from exciting to terrifying, but we’re only halfway through and there is a lot of action left to happen through the weekend! Stay tuned to all of 1320Video’s media accounts for updates the rest of the event!
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Mar 20, 2021




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1320video 21 day ago
Where is everyone watching TX2K21 from? Drop a comment below!
Pat Mathew
Pat Mathew 5 days ago
Rhode island
ItzDAW50N 6 days ago
Texas lol
Muhamad Alfan Fauzan
INBUSBUDE ! 13 days ago
Anners Kobberø
Anners Kobberø 13 days ago
Denmark 👍🏼
Pat Mathew
Pat Mathew 5 days ago
Mount Olympus of street racing
Phil The Shark
Phil The Shark 7 days ago
Can we acknowledge the organizers daughter walking up like “I know y’all like to talk but I’m tryin to handle shit and we gotta go do that”, young lady is all about it. Props to her+ her dad (and everyone) for running a sick race party 🤘
yaniolek S
yaniolek S 9 days ago
litle Brook-s and she gtr 👍
AJ Luchico
AJ Luchico 9 days ago
Is the unicorn c5 gone???
Blake Owens
Blake Owens 9 days ago
The white stang at 6:50 had a moon tune
Michael Simko
Michael Simko 10 days ago
Badass GTR's and Vipers!
Wright Marshall
Wright Marshall 11 days ago
no masks. I hope you all get sick
Timothy Lyles
Timothy Lyles 12 days ago
Dont forget to sign the rpm act
Joseph Tulli
Joseph Tulli 13 days ago
I don’t like that the rolling racing wins with time. It should just be fastest mph wins
James Ancrum
James Ancrum 14 days ago
The roll racing is probably better in person but on video it's not that exciting it's almost like interstate pulls who ever leaves on 2 is probably gonna win🙄
Jordini Martini
Jordini Martini 14 days ago
The guy with the signatures on his green mustang is awesome my names on his steering wheel 💯🙏🏼
W .Khairi
W .Khairi 15 days ago
That is sick
gav 15 days ago
those 4 rotors just make ya smile from ear to ear
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 15 days ago
Yes y love d is cars the audi r8 yeee y love ou the lamborginie
Tyler Scarbrough
Tyler Scarbrough 15 days ago
*Hearing a 4 rotor hit the two step for the first time* Me: oh gawd
daedalus_suzuki 15 days ago
2:09 camo wrap on the Viper wing looks sick AF
daedalus_suzuki 15 days ago
1:25 Can you even imagine 20 years ago someone saying "yeah so my street-legal Cadillac runs 8's"
Zulham Efendi
Zulham Efendi 15 days ago
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Junior 249
Junior 249 16 days ago
Congrats Kyle...you done good with your new ride...nice job!!! 855mph...heck of a run....LOL!!!!😆😁
Junior 249
Junior 249 16 days ago
Those two rotary cars looks and sounds badass !!! Leory is a freakin beast & Cleetus is a heck of a wheelman driving that thing...
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 16 days ago
Im in love with that orange Viper...
Izzy johnas
Izzy johnas 16 days ago
Lol who’s that other 4 rotor guy that built a garbage car?? Rob or something
Penggemar Tiktok
Penggemar Tiktok 16 days ago
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Taylor McCarthy
Taylor McCarthy 16 days ago
all hail 4 rotors
T.J. Mike
T.J. Mike 16 days ago
12:04 funny moment XD XD XD
Damien Beard
Damien Beard 16 days ago
Toe Cutter
Toe Cutter 17 days ago
855mph.. it has to be a record..well done Kyle
Rhodewhore431 17 days ago
It's definitely awesome to see kyle getting in there and crushing it, it's been a long time behind the camera. It's definitely his time to get some!
aola wili
aola wili 17 days ago
Freaking nuts how quick those Vipers are getting these days
Jairo Nieves
Jairo Nieves 17 days ago
Soooo, ugr got owned? Their not gonna let that one go that easy
Ricky Tran
Ricky Tran 17 days ago
Why burn out if you're going to ease into it lol 10:26
aola wili
aola wili 17 days ago
7:53 thats like a 100mm at least
Angelica Kendal
Angelica Kendal 17 days ago
The sad need electronically hurry because frame optimally peep times a level tractor. profuse, gaudy south africa
J Luis
J Luis 17 days ago
Do all these guys have like engineering degrees or something or what
evan griffith
evan griffith 17 days ago
The used barometer pharmacologically colour because tuesday interestingly float towards a automatic drawbridge. standing, labored flare
4:24 Mustang poops his pants trying to keep up with that Nova
Tsxtasy1 17 days ago
David Mazzei is kind of a douche. Cool car, but he’s a little much to handle
Aditya Saha
Aditya Saha 17 days ago
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FAD3DEXCURSION 18 days ago
so glad Cletus switched it up to slipper. his corvette is nasty.
DrezKill 18 days ago
Was thinking it would be really dang cool if David Mazzei's 4-rotor showed up at this event, and then BOOM there it is, right in the video. Too bad there was no more footage of it. Fuckin' love that car. Check out his YT channel if you haven't. Really enjoy seeing Kyle racing the R8! All those years behind the camera, working those interviews, now his own crew interviewing him. Very interesting change of pace. Props to the whole 1320 crew, you guys enrich my life, and allow me to witness that which I've only been able to dream about my whole life. Keep up the excellent work.
Undercover Bush
Undercover Bush 18 days ago
Gotta love that turbo with a purple truck on it And the squats on that black viper ....wtf
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti 18 days ago
11:43 Leroy (the not so corvette anymore) is an awesome twin turboed monster
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti 18 days ago
10:00 Rotaries are the best
420Under1 18 days ago
#MurdaSquad !!
Swindell iz SicK
Swindell iz SicK 18 days ago
Cleetus bangs those gears out sounds amazing
Cole Dedeaux
Cole Dedeaux 18 days ago
What’s up with kyles car surging
Jabari {:
Jabari {: 18 days ago
7:53 thats like a 100mm at least
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 18 days ago
Im in love with that orange Viper...
Dan Houser
Dan Houser 18 days ago
4 rotor🤩
Yezziy 18 days ago
Kinda sad I didn’t see no Puerto Rican rotaries 💔💔💔
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 18 days ago
Love seeing Kyle rip the R8 and actually on the other end of the camera
Stanley Banks
Stanley Banks 19 days ago
Now you need to put your boys ☝
BikoTheAnimator 19 days ago
BikoTheAnimator 19 days ago
I feel like the woman in the GTR with the dragon on her window from How to Train Your Dragon drove from Los Angeles and she worked at DreamWorks. I say that because when I worked at Pixar as an intern in 2019, there were all sorts of wild vehicles in the parking lot that had cool characters attached to the cars in some unique way haha. I could be wrong.
BikoTheAnimator 19 days ago
My favorite cars are racing each other. The ultimate vehicles on the planet all in one place. GTRs, Skylines, Dodge Viper, and Supra. This is amazing.
BikoTheAnimator 19 days ago
13:18 DANRUE IS HERE IN TEXAS!! hahaha
Mostafa Dwidar
Mostafa Dwidar 19 days ago
it docent matter how many times u see a lambo launch, it will always be dope
PR KING 19 days ago
Yezziy 18 days ago
Puerto Rico en la casa
Poor Touring Hot Wire Garage
Dude with the '70 Nova needs to check the cap on his fuel cell. Prolly sprayed 3 gallons of fuel on the track in 2 seconds
Bubba Brown
Bubba Brown 19 days ago
The fucking mustache guy who failed three times in a row to film the speeds of the cars (including kyles run) needs to put the camera down and never pick one up again
YaBigMad 19 days ago
That R8 that crashed is fast yoo they hit 230mph 😬
Klent Regalado
Klent Regalado 19 days ago
Did ugr not qualified???
A Good Person
A Good Person 19 days ago
Nice to see you havin fun ! You deserve to have a good time after all the years of hard work makin this channel so sweeeet!
adam august
adam august 19 days ago
God bless!!!
Jaybruhh 19 days ago
*_Those Dorito cars never disappoint._* I think I just had an eargasm. 9:51
Margil Serrata
Margil Serrata 19 days ago
Love seeing Kyle rip the R8 and actually on the other end of the camera
Whiskey Throttle TV
What’s up from Florida! Kyle’s R8 did awesome!
Jason Sparshott
Jason Sparshott 19 days ago
I would have quadruple liked when you ( Kyle ) won that first roll race !!
Safe Racer
Safe Racer 19 days ago
GTR's are in full force this year
EB TV 19 days ago
Love to see that GTR’s are still on top
Matthew Mohri
Matthew Mohri 19 days ago
So what did going Mach 1.1 feel like in your R8?
selkins006 19 days ago
Zach is such a good dude ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Steven S
Steven S 19 days ago
Awesome for Kyle! BUTT the Finals of Roll Race was muchhhhh more entertaining than what you guys covered in film!!! There was so much drama going on!!! The seat issue from Texas Killer that UGR called technicality over, The orange Viper getting a rerun after track officials let his opponent decide ..... Felt super rushed guys, For years people have been wanting to take down UGR and it felt like the drivers/team weren't celebrated appropriately for a heavy accomplishment.
michael caraway
michael caraway 19 days ago
This track is in such good shape they need to change the name of the event to Wheelie World TX2K
PK Naidoo
PK Naidoo 19 days ago
Kyle reminds me of a petrolhead Phil Dunphy
SlammedPassion 19 days ago
19:02 when he realizes hes finally gonna get that raise...
Omnicron 19 days ago
Car: Launches Youtoube subtitles: [Music]
SwitchRhythm 19 days ago
Way to go Kyle breaking the sound barrier!
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 19 days ago
The R8 hitting 228 mph before hitting the wall! Love that car
Chicago UI
Chicago UI 19 days ago
Man the day two rollovers for Kyle was sickening. Obviously they let him win
Erick Narvaez
Erick Narvaez 19 days ago
Who came for the 4 rotors 😭😭😂
Drifting_Away 19 days ago
I give Supra fanboys a lot of crap but man I love the real st Supras
JonoZ 19 days ago
@9:40 turn your volume down in your headphones lol ow...
MadCarTK 19 days ago
9:52 can I get that as a ringtone please?
Jameel Farhad
Jameel Farhad 19 days ago
10:58 what was that Red GTR spitting ? 🤧
Josh maithie
Josh maithie 19 days ago
So am the only one talking about that old gen audi r8 running 228 mph Am the only one seeing this😢🔥🔥
Josh maithie
Josh maithie 19 days ago
18:07 was anyone paying attention... that old gen r8 ran a 228.89 mph That's insane‼ 🔥🔥🔥
MrYlijumala 19 days ago
So funny people are willing to put HUGE dollars to save couple pounds with carbon fiber but wont be willing to hit the cardio to lose some pounds from their own weight. Would be free performance and better yet. Safe for your future
MartinAv_ Official
MartinAv_ Official 19 days ago
Just Juw
Just Juw 20 days ago
Japanese powaaaaaa baby
Jp G
Jp G 20 days ago
take that L you bum
Nicholas Mumford
Nicholas Mumford 20 days ago
I think Kyle should have gone with Sheepey over AMS...
Racingsfun 20 days ago
Guy with the beard always pulls the camera away and doesn't like to show the trap speed. Please inform him that people like to see the trap speed. He does this often with other videos you guys post.
Dynamite Lego
Dynamite Lego 20 days ago
Why isn’t rob dahm here😔
Nick Starz
Nick Starz 20 days ago
Yes kyle , the sun glasses don't change but the cars do
Matt Lacanilao
Matt Lacanilao 20 days ago
Hi 1320, when is the next TX2K ? If it every happens again ??
Nick Starz
Nick Starz 20 days ago
What about the stickers flying off that black gtr 🤣🤣🤣
Pr0uditalian 20 days ago
Sooo can someone explain to.me what happened to Texas killer? I thought he won
DanelExx e
DanelExx e 20 days ago
We need more videos on the ZR1!
Emory Corbin
Emory Corbin 20 days ago
Grubworm is rolling pretty smooth with that new set up.
Josh V
Josh V 20 days ago
Too bad the viper was a flop, such a pretty car! I guess when you have hellcat and demon challengers for under 90K that's why they didn't sell. R.i.p viper SRT hope you come back someday.