Audi R8 TEAR DOWN - Turbos go in!! (1150hp coming soon!) 

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We're back at AMS Performance for part 2 of the twin turbo R8 build. This time, we take a look at the progress made thus far, and learn a little more of the nitty gritty that goes into an AMS build like this. Only one more week and we'll get to see this monster start up for the first time!
AMS R8 Build 1: us-first.info/player/video/et2OlIOKm55mZKc.html
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Feb 22, 2021




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Andy Davis
Andy Davis Month ago
Talk about the rpm act
Dame Dash
Dame Dash Month ago
I’m sooo not as smart as I think I am lol
Anti Social Justice Warrior
Dude ! ! So freaking happy for you ! FREAKING AWESOMENESS !
ass_pro_shops Month ago
Mind bottling
Levi Slone
Levi Slone Month ago
Soooo is the r8 going to be the half mile??!! Or full 👀 let’s see 200 👀🇺🇸
MaximumGAME Month ago
These guys are craftsman
Nicks Rides
Nicks Rides Month ago
Congrats you have the slowest car in there shop lol
Angad Singh
Angad Singh Month ago
Total cost?
ERIC PERRY Month ago
Do you have a kit for the aventador lp700
Timothy Hartland
Man. This is awesome! Love these videos. Actually learning, seeing the differences between parts. Love the editing as well!
UncleManuel Month ago
Can you say "Doppelkupplungsgetriebe"?😁
Sheldon W
Sheldon W Month ago
Only 1100 horse, whats the point
Wouldpkr Month ago
Only people from Elk Grove Village can say theyre in Chicago, youre in Elk Grove Village. ;)
BilleT ¡27
BilleT ¡27 Month ago
7sec car is approaching
roseyboi1 Month ago
Kyle ain’t playing 🔥
Ashley Tombs
Ashley Tombs Month ago
Kyle versus Christmases at Texas invitational half mile lol
Peter Cole
Peter Cole Month ago
Car is gonna be sick!!!
J.Sinzz 214
J.Sinzz 214 Month ago
Make a personal channel and make videos like this please !
PFI Speed
PFI Speed Month ago
I cannot wait to see this out rippin! AMS is killin it! Great work great edit .
turd furguson
turd furguson Month ago
Hey brent
MaddHatt3R Month ago
Much love to Brent, Jamie, Sean, and Everyone at PFI. We're going to see a lot of super badass hot rods in 2021.
Legit Games
Legit Games Month ago
Just wondering why you choose ams? I really hope it wasn’t because they gave you a US-first discount😬
Fastball Films
Fastball Films Month ago
0:52 not a rear bumper guard lmao! It’s the actual rear bumper! The plastic piece is the bumper cover. Everyone gets this wrong lmao
Rude Boi
Rude Boi Month ago
How much does it cost to get it to 1150hp
Rude Boi
Rude Boi Month ago
wow, they are working on half a million dollar car and someone has a harbor freight tool cart. #respect
Pablo Aloy
Pablo Aloy Month ago
Is someone blogging/talking kinda fruity, like gayish.. Is someone trying to come out the closet ??
Jared THISDELLE Month ago
Congratulations on the car man
TIREDLAND K. Month ago
fat ken block looks happy
salt malt
salt malt Month ago
electric is next sir.
E B Month ago
Kevin bacon right?
Coors Lightyear
Coors Lightyear Month ago
Sub to audi diy help the broke homies make some mean sleeper whips
Jessie Morrison
Jessie Morrison Month ago
Gotta race whistlindiesel when its finished r8 vs r8 both have twins
HOOTING 1:08 1:18 4:19
Yoximar Morales Sanchez
Got a quick question any promo codos so I can buy something
phillipmotaful Month ago
Harbor Freight in the house ✌️.
WheelsOff Weaver
Kevin Bacon show up with the computers!? Love that guy! Such a wide skill set..
Vinicius Haule
Vinicius Haule Month ago
Stewart Lawrence
TT installed and no roll cage? Good luck with that.
dksoldierdk Month ago
Kyle, lookin' waaaay too mature with that silver beard
Dan Schween
Dan Schween Month ago
“we’re not touching the motor at all, that’s nice. it will remain sealed.” - said NO ONE EVER when installing twin turbos
Vinetii Month ago
These motors can take 1300hp before you need to upgrade internals
J Smith1433
J Smith1433 Month ago
This build is going to be sick! Love the content.
Enrique Palomares
Ya you already know this dude gotta D ride WD
Hassan Alzaabi
Hassan Alzaabi Month ago
For a moment I thought you’re Tom Segura
TAL LAT Month ago
This dog is going to hunt !!!
Kevin Cerny
Kevin Cerny Month ago
Damn look at that cutie named alex😏 wassup birthday boy
Ben Richardson
Ben Richardson Month ago
Great video. Amazing technology.
Patrick R
Patrick R Month ago
Why a Audi?
Rey Rosas
Rey Rosas Month ago
Sheepey Racing like 👀
Sharyan Alzandani
How much is this build gonna be?
TRePatt Month ago
No bumper r8 coming soon🤔👀
omgreflects Month ago
Y’all should head down to Odessa tx for bounty hunters no prep at penwell caprock
Delaine Gonzalez
Matt Kobus
Matt Kobus Month ago
The v10 have 2 banks. Bank 1 has 5 cyl and bank 2 have 5 cyl.
FASTeam MotorSports
Instead of calling out cleeter call out whistling diesel 😜😂
Neil Amalfitano
Neil Amalfitano Month ago
I like this style video
Fix It With Fire
Pumped to see you treat yourself. You earned it Kyle. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Keep us posted!
Bishop Month ago
So we're talking about a plus 40k mod! 😳
I thought your dream build is a R34
José Alvarado chepe
Saludos @1320 video@ desde Centroamérica Costa Rica 🇨🇷 acá hay un Audi r8 que lo hicieron twin turbo azul tiene canal en US-first se llama ( papapitufocr ) cuando vienen a Costa Rica aquí hay talento como ahí dond ustedes
Kevin Noon
Kevin Noon Month ago
Plenty of room for a k-series!
ImpHalla Month ago
Steve Beavers
Steve Beavers Month ago
The trans stuff was epic! You audi show more 😎
Jeffrey Bamford
Jeffrey Bamford Month ago
Fark trying to figure that gearbox out .
Laerrus T.
Laerrus T. Month ago
I love this NSX build...
Michelle E
Michelle E Month ago
Turf wars
elandmancrs Month ago
"remain sealed", famous last words XD epic build!!
The next level gets real $$$.
ROB 747
ROB 747 Month ago
Coming soon to a Mexico street near you!!!!
Richard Markham
Richard Markham Month ago
Is this the $50k kit? (Edit: $100k with the transmission)
boosted_rt13 Month ago
Work hard play hard! Congrats man!
E Klein
E Klein Month ago
Short shaft is the weak link because it can’t wind up like the longer one....it’s got no where to go ....so it breaks....make it thicker and it will probably just shear the splines next....super tuff steels help ...with heat treatments....the longer the shaft , the more it can twist and absorb the shock. Much like a torsion bar. Cheers .
Ismael Marrero
Ismael Marrero Month ago
The video is allsome first time I seen explaining all the steps to twin turboing a Audi V10 I mean everything that gose in upgrading the stock parts
Max Myslewski
Max Myslewski Month ago
check out sheepeyrace
Adam Ramsay
Adam Ramsay Month ago
Kinda surprised you didn't go with sheepy race
Tim O' Callaghan
never trust someone that keeps their hood up indoors
LK34 Month ago
Stock motor🤣 this thing is gonna bloww
LK34 Month ago
@Bay 5150 oh do those guys also use a full stand alone ecu and turbo set up with stock pistons etc??
Bay 5150
Bay 5150 Month ago
Lmao check out TRC tt r8
The speed of darkness
can we get final build price after its done??
aldoavak9 Month ago
No offense to AMS, they are certainly capable of building serious machines, but why choose them for this build as opposed to the crew at "UNDERGROUND RACING" that has exponentially more experience with this platform?
Are you the guy who was scare to jump in the burning audi going like 5 mph 🤣. Build not Bought tittle for your build
jesus saves cars s
Bruh no one cares lol your like 10 years to late😂😂😂🤷‍♂️
Mike Kim
Mike Kim Month ago
wonder if there will be brake upgrades with 1100HP +
Snowboat392 Month ago
Vlogs is pretty cool
Gregor Holmes
Gregor Holmes Month ago
I like my mechanics to wear a hoodie too. 😟
Gary Parker
Gary Parker Month ago
DDDAAANNNGGG You Ain't Playin Buddy, THAT'S Some Radd POWER !!!! Thanks For Sharing Your Fun n God Bless All.
Mark G
Mark G Month ago
You too Gary
Peter Spidus
Peter Spidus Month ago
Can't wait to hear that dual clutch shifts
Alfredo Muniz
Alfredo Muniz Month ago
how much is a set up like that ??
SovL:Remedy Month ago
Go 1400-1500hp, easy with what you got $$$$$$$
406MountainMan Month ago
Tom Segura's lookin fresh.
Jennifer Burr
Jennifer Burr Month ago
Yo. Very happy for you, but don't get lost in your gain. This would make an awesome 10 min build. Don't lose sight of your base.
Dream Machines
Dream Machines Month ago
Gorgeous car brother! Im Glad you got what you wanted. I am flying from Florida to Denver for a Gallardo this weekend! I'm super excited. I'm diggin the beard too. You look all grown up haha.
Christian Michaud
Kyle, did you ever think when you first started this channel all those years ago that you’d own a twin turbo R8?
Enrique Palomares
No but after watching WD I bet he like r8 is the next car smh
Tommy V
Tommy V Month ago
Every mechanic gangsta until a German car has electrical problems (not even kidding, they wouldn't go near my car if there was an electronic problem)
baby gzuz
baby gzuz Month ago
After watching whistling diesel/ sheepy built’s build. I’m interested in seeing how they differ.
CookieMonsterM4 Month ago
Sheepy race ftw
Dustyn Williams
Dustyn Williams Month ago
Race Whistlin diesels sheepy built R8
untold44 Month ago
When do you expect more of the fuck around and find out plate frames?
Off Planet
Off Planet Month ago
Hard to follow a car guy that you've never seen turn a wrench kind of sucks
Jerry Lopez
Jerry Lopez Month ago
I don’t think it really matters tho
Motersickle Bum
Motersickle Bum Month ago
sounds like an expensive process....
Rjay Month ago
turbos go in , money goes out
Mike Silva
Mike Silva Month ago
It's amazing how much the Young mechanic has so much knowledge.
Herpius Derpus
Herpius Derpus Month ago
The Dream Team
The Dream Team Month ago
How much does a tear down and twin turbo install like this normally cost?
Nando Gza
Nando Gza Month ago
Nice 👌
illverado Month ago
Love seeing your personal stuff!
Ronin Month ago
I'm excited for you mate