Can $40 Rancho Shocks Make a Car FASTER? 

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It seems as if quality MOPAR’s are few and far between sometimes, so it was refreshing to find one that makes up for that gap in so many awesome ways! Rick Finley’s badass 1970 Dodge Charger is a bright iconic classic with a modern power plant. Peaking somewhere north of 1500hp, this “Gem 3 HEMI” block is the foundation for this twin turbo street car monster. He’s had this car for a long time and it shows, from the Viper green paint down to the fine chrome detail, it’s clear that Rick has poured a lot into this car!
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Jan 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
SIR SWERVE Month ago
"shouldnt go that fast" wow in getting old......
The Busted Nut
The Busted Nut Month ago
Love them old mopars!!👍
Michael 426
Michael 426 Month ago
Gen 3 HEMI!!! Hell ya brother!
That Charger is beautiful 😍
burn_out_ king
burn_out_ king 2 months ago
Russ Risley
Russ Risley 2 months ago
THANX KYLE. For Mopar vids. Mopar or NO CAR!!
69kindaguy 2 months ago
Nice car, but when a 5 sec car has to run in a slower class to win 🤨. Not sure why his crew gets that excited. Idk maybe I'm just salty towards people like that. They have all the bells and whistles and decide to slow it down to a class where the other drivers you know are pushing their cars to it's limits. None the less nice car.
SG Project // Проект Сгущенка
Oh yes, pure classic
Jared THISDELLE 2 months ago
True Street car
Nick 2 months ago
Man that’s so cool
xdub101 2 months ago
The lesson here is to skimp on shocks
Rancho Suspension
Rancho Suspension 2 months ago
That was a solid video. Great job guys.
Kody McMullen
Kody McMullen 2 months ago
Its so cool that I was standing right next to the camera man basically. Best day of my life (besides obvious shit lol).
Mason Ryan
Mason Ryan 2 months ago
What colour is that!! love it
Jeff Yeager
Jeff Yeager 2 months ago
1/8 mile is gay cute car though
Kizzy McKinstry
Kizzy McKinstry 2 months ago
Molnar Crank & Rods are K1 shit, Same owner different package name
Danleyson1 2 months ago
This guy is a hero. Drives his car everywhere and gets the damn thing done.
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 2 months ago
Is the motors lt4 dodge YES ho no please is for mie fors the cars
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 2 months ago
Sorie no speak english juste french please is the sous titre in french please please
The_1st_60ft_Videos 2 months ago
"The 1st 60 feet..." Yeah buddy 🤘
Kyle Burks
Kyle Burks 2 months ago
This is old cause the motion auto mustang passed by at 0:33 lol
Edwin Feldman
Edwin Feldman 2 months ago
Nice, nice, nice charger...Torreto would approve...lol! Looks like there's ALOT of OLD quality mopars in the midwest. Not as many make a showing on the S. East coast. Seems you can go fast on Rancho's, but I'm not swapping my Qa1's for them...
Nick W
Nick W 2 months ago
That car is absolutely gorgeous and a killer!
Adrian & Kathy Weathersbee
Alexander Tague
Alexander Tague 2 months ago
He really does street drive that i seen him alot in that car
Sixx6Sixx 2 months ago
What torque converter and rear gear 🤷‍♂️😁
Dustin s-10
Dustin s-10 2 months ago
Bas ass car man and thank god its not a ls impressed with the build man
Venom Hemi
Venom Hemi 2 months ago
what color green is that?
TheDynotuner 2 months ago
Bad ass resto mod build! 👍🏽👍🏽 He's obviously running Cal Trac bar's... They been selling & recommending Rancho shocks for decades!! THIS ISN'T NEWS. Wasting money on high dollar shocks has been proven to be a Waste longtime ago. CALVERT RACING has Any leaf spring car figured. Call them GREAT people. #MOPARorNoCar And for you rookies MOPAR stands for Move Over People Are Racing
DespizedICON 2 months ago
Can 40 dollars in ice cream make you fatter?
Tanner Cox
Tanner Cox 2 months ago
Surprising seeing a mopar go that fast. Mopars are a rare besides st bracket racing
Karl Baker
Karl Baker 2 months ago
What part number shocks? I have the same setup in the rear.
Stefan Giroux
Stefan Giroux 2 months ago
That thing is f*ckin beautiful
Cody Erickson
Cody Erickson 2 months ago
1968-1970 Chargers are the most beautiful American cars ever made. I said what I said.
Jorge Soto
Jorge Soto 2 months ago
She moves so straight. 👏👏
Kalani Robb
Kalani Robb 2 months ago
This cars name fits the way it runs ,up on the tire half track and u can see it charge . Kick ass ride!
John Wesch
John Wesch 2 months ago
Stunningly beautiful
charles johnson
charles johnson 2 months ago
with people running 3s im sorry driving it around and runnin 6s in the 1/8 is no great feat in the year 2021 but yes good lookin car....and i 1.40 60 ft my g body w sum monroe sensa tracs
Tasha Wegmueller
Tasha Wegmueller 2 months ago
Very pretty restomod, love seeing a newer hemi in the car
Barry Burka
Barry Burka 2 months ago
One of the worst brands of shocks in Australia. Typical yank junk. The Chinese make better quality shocks!
1979 MUTP
1979 MUTP 2 months ago
Yep, been using rancho sa. Back in the mid 90s.
TheAleutiansolution 2 months ago
00:30 there goes Trevor in the backround
ZboC5 2 months ago
Best rear shocks I have ever run were some Lakewood 50/50s...cheap and effective. Sometime more really isn't better.
Calvin H.
Calvin H. 2 months ago
Shocks are everything, and it doesn't take high-dollar shocks to do the job, it just takes the right shocks. But he was also heating his tires two to three times as long before his last few runs. All the runs with those other shocks he was barely getting smoke from the tires, and during that last race, he was smoking them good.
PAULA ROGERS 2 months ago
What a beautiful car. Cool he drives it everywhere so it can be seen.
Kevin Aston
Kevin Aston 2 months ago
Don't underestimate cheap parts. It might surprise you. Cool dude.
Zues Toots
Zues Toots 2 months ago
Use to love messing with shocks. Many vehicles share the same style of shock and mounting points but use different valving.
Meg Murphy
Meg Murphy 2 months ago
Should have put a LS in it
Z Ack
Z Ack 2 months ago
Got the same shocks on my 4.0.. good little shocks for the money with the adjustable dampening.. wish my shit did anything close to a 5:50 though.. im lucky if i go a 9..
Mike Hatzl
Mike Hatzl 2 months ago
What a GEM! Wow. What a great car and owner.
THE SILVER GOAT 2 months ago
11:55 real Americans talk to you from the drivers seat of a charger with a fist pointed right at ya! 😂
TheDuckumz 2 months ago
Surprised to see this quality and caliber of a build local to me, glad to see him represent the CB guys in a positive light!
Dave Vincent
Dave Vincent 2 months ago
If he can figure out the hiccups, she'll be gone.
Bailey North
Bailey North 2 months ago
A dude in my towns got one all motor hitting 5 second passes
Joey McQuilkin
Joey McQuilkin 2 months ago
I personally think the 1/8th mile shit is super stupid. Sick build though, once you get her dialed that thing gona be nasty - do a big fat burnout in the pits and then again in the water box next time to knock the dust off of those slicks *** that last pass was f*ckin BOOKIN
Jon Rau
Jon Rau 2 months ago
Beautiful car. Great racing 🏎
E. S503
E. S503 2 months ago
Baggin hard 5.50's
Dirty Dustang
Dirty Dustang 2 months ago
Dang ole sleepin giant apparently. 8:30
Daniel Potts
Daniel Potts 2 months ago
Beautiful Charger 🙌🙌👏👏👏💯🔥🔥🔥
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 2 months ago
I don't care who you are, if you're running that much power you need a full welded cage. I get it if you're making like two or three hundred horsepower but buddy, your not... step it up
patt20b 2 months ago
Sweet to see restored old muscle cars. I still own a 1966 ford galaxie. It is my first car from when I was 15 i’am now 48. And I’m just about to restore it again for the 5th time. The last time was 2009. And it been used a lot. It’s got some rust coming out in it again. And the clear I used I don’t think I pull enough coats on it. And it’s failed so all good I will get it back to how she should be. I will be restoring it on my channel in the next few months. Cain hard guys.
Baller 2 months ago
Some cars look good raked out, but a good ole Charger looks terrifying with reverse-rake.
Christopher Munsey
Christopher Munsey 2 months ago
Rancho’s FTW!!! Beautiful and badass car!!👌🏽🔥🔥🤘🏽
Charlston Manning
Charlston Manning 2 months ago
Is it on Pump gas or E85
chrisdvasquezzl1 2 months ago
This car is so awesome! Kudos to his brother who did the paint still looks great after 10 years. And the answer to the question, yes, $40 Rancho Shocks made it faster.
Nick Slade
Nick Slade 2 months ago
I watched this cars progress on FB group. Its a beautiful car
79tazman 2 months ago
That last race he was racing a old Dodge Dart seems there was many old Mopars there
79tazman 2 months ago
Imagine if he tune that car for the track and put that car on a diet? he still has lots of weight in that car it would haul some ass even more but he needs to tune that suspension so he can leave in first and that thing would haul
135iDCT 2 months ago
Charger owner is a humble gentleman. This is what we need in the game more, good sportsmanship.
79tazman 2 months ago
That's awesome and it's all mopar too that's the best part
Eddie Brown
Eddie Brown 2 months ago
This vid has 23 dislikes WHAT the fraaaark is there NOT to like ????? MOPAR POWER
mojo4406 2 months ago
👍👍👍bad ass
Bob S
Bob S 2 months ago
I remember seeing that car at flashbacks a while ago when it still had a pro charger on it I thought it was nasty then
bgodin23 2 months ago
Humble guy, beautiful car.
nickhale117 2 months ago
That pink Cuda is so sexy.
Josh Koch (Intimidator82)
Nice car, not too many steel cars with glass on the track running those numbers looking that good! I wonder if I put Ranchos on my truck if it'll pick up 2 seconds in the eighth and run 5's. Lmao yeah right.
Sheep Wolf
Sheep Wolf 2 months ago
A big thank you! This vid took 40 years off my age and gave me visions of the cars and friends from my youth.
David Aleksandrowicz
nice car, shouldnt need some twin woohon war wistlers to do that fast lol. 70 mustang with a N/A sbf doing 5.40's on gas lolol
Magnumx 2 months ago
Beautiful car!
Frank Rommerts
Frank Rommerts 2 months ago
Too bad it's a new HEMI, I prefer the old 426 in a classic like this.
gizzy2403 2 months ago
Gorgeous car! like 1320 Kyle said , need more old Mopar restomods. Would like to see some Coronets done in similar style as this gorgeos machine!🍻🍸
Mortalis Ares
Mortalis Ares 2 months ago
Don’t see these chargers enough love them
Ben PAGANONI 2 months ago
The Commodore Smoking a cool car is criminal !! those 2 doors neve caught on in Australia
Wayne 1218
Wayne 1218 2 months ago
is that a real Charger 500
seven0sevenizdashiz 2 months ago
I couldn’t stop smiling this whole video!
seven0sevenizdashiz 2 months ago
This is my favorite car!! Thanks Dukes...
Trent Crompton
Trent Crompton 2 months ago
Shocks make that much of a difference 🤯👍
carboncitizens 2 months ago
We release Copyright Free Music every Sunday & Wednesday for all content creators to use + our 24/7 live radio!
Miralem Nermina
Miralem Nermina 2 months ago
No-one cares
Carros Diecast
Carros Diecast 2 months ago
I love the color!!
Danger Dave
Danger Dave 2 months ago
Hookin & bookin in the Mopar DD.
Jeremiah Torres
Jeremiah Torres 2 months ago
Awesome, beautiful beast!!
Tim Ryan
Tim Ryan 2 months ago
RS9000’s are good shocks for the money I’ll say that.
EVO9_ SL,UT 2 months ago
It’s awesome to see a guy wrestle with a handful of minor issues like that and slowly cross em off the list, and then come out swingin and hits a huge new PB AND wins his class?! Fuckin awesome 👏🏼 😎
Carolina Tuner Culture #CTC
very good looking car for sure
Norman lamotte
Norman lamotte 2 months ago
I always love classic muscle cars.
SIR SWERVE 2 months ago
The crew of BIGRED would like this.......
Tanner Saurus
Tanner Saurus 2 months ago
Of course they will... If your existing shocks are fucked lol. Awesome guy and an awesome Mopar!
Logan B
Logan B 2 months ago
Why would someone ruin that charger
Simpsons Speed Shop
Simpsons Speed Shop 2 months ago
Great to see some gen 3 hemi on the channel
vAgentSmooth7 2 months ago
Only 1 problem with the car, my mother has beat into my head that its bad luck to paint your racecar green hahah good thing its a street car :)