My Twin Turbo Audi R8 is DONE!!! (Dyno + First Drive) 

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The wait is finally over! AMS has been working tirelessly on my Audi R8 for the last few weeks. Taking it from a 100% stock car, to a twin turbo monster and making it look easy! Next, you will be seeing the car debut at Tx2k21 - if you’re around the Houston area, you can’t miss this!
For a more in-depth view of the progress to finish the build check out AMS's vlog! us-first.info/player/video/hsdnhpCkpnmAYXE.html
AMS R8 Part 1: us-first.info/player/video/et2OlIOKm55mZKc.html
AMS R8 Part 2: us-first.info/player/video/ad-No2mboJapn5s.html
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Mar 11, 2021




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Comments 100   
Craig Evans
Craig Evans 3 hours ago
M8S R8S (Mates Rates)
Mason David
Mason David 18 hours ago
I mean this is super badass and you deserve this from all you're hard work but you honestly ruined the R8, the car is an amazing work of art as a NA v10, definitely worth more stockish than this.
kingkobra 3 days ago
I still remember the Unicorn build
Gabriel Caetano
Gabriel Caetano 4 days ago
Thats is an R8 respect, put some Vossen Wheels !! Sucess with this beast.!!
Brian Coonrod
Brian Coonrod 6 days ago
Love the car that thing is beautiful and sounds amazing congrats 🎊 on an awesome build ... I’m jelly !!!
sliick 6 days ago
The 3000GT in the beginning caught my attention more than anything. Fuck I need one. I miss the one my buddy had, we worked on that thing so much. They are a blast.
David Ray
David Ray 6 days ago
Cleanest most insane street car build I have ever seen. Launch control made me smile. Enjoy it!
Jake Fischer
Jake Fischer 7 days ago
Put some Brixtons on it 👌🏻
charlie newbery
charlie newbery 8 days ago
Kyle just remember don;t let Cleetus drive it hahaha should have told em you wanted 1320HP
Ballinonabudget 12 days ago
That first start sounded like doodoo tho
Nizaam Karjieker
Nizaam Karjieker 13 days ago
Congratulations on the completion of this ride bro. You deserve it. Wishing you many safe, fast and awesome miles from South Africa l, Cape Town
Aya waska
Aya waska 13 days ago
23:27 --- GTR, GTR, WThaa Fuck was THAAT?? EVO,, GTR, GTR .......
Icy Beast
Icy Beast 13 days ago
Can’t wait to see this on the drag strip
Greg Gregory
Greg Gregory 14 days ago
The best part of all this, is to see your genuine joy and gratitude. And like you say, the difference is, this is YOUR car. Congrats from all the way over here in Aus. Drive hard, but stay safe
Squad bruh
Squad bruh 14 days ago
I like that 9th gen si in the background of the outro😎
Andreas A
Andreas A 14 days ago
Your so humble kyle, love it!
jack black
jack black 14 days ago
you deserve it man! you are one of the nicest people EVER. and you film everyone else's cars, and never your own. you deserve it mate!
Phillip C Sandoval
Yes indeed! Kyle is a Top Class Act!
R34GTRR35 15 days ago
I kinda was hoping Gen 1 V8 Manual , this is still totally nuts though
Joachim Planchon
Joachim Planchon 15 days ago
Respect for the power! the wheels is your choice...but i will choose de lightest forged in satin black on such a nice car
khelks 15 days ago
Who gave these guys money? The world is ass backwards
NB 17 days ago
Any reason you had your car built by AMS? I though Sheepey race was the best place for these builds.
A_ vicens_
A_ vicens_ 17 days ago
For wheels......old school Fittipaldi wheels
OJ 17 days ago
Give it 2 months you'll want 1500 then 2000hp
Derek Limron
Derek Limron 17 days ago
You're HUMBLE, man and that says alot. I hope I'm speaking for atleast a handful of us. Have loved your content since the first time I remember seeing you. Very fun to watch that's for sure.
C Smith
C Smith 17 days ago
Azureander 17 days ago
This guy looks like Tom Segura
Ryan Ball
Ryan Ball 17 days ago
RTX Black Widow (Painted-Satin Black)
Vicious VQ
Vicious VQ 18 days ago
Holy Moly Man, Congrats Kyle! Thats a Dream build man, drive safe & Enjoy her
Meastro Bojangles
Meastro Bojangles 18 days ago
beautiful build, cant be mad at that!
Joe Cuban
Joe Cuban 18 days ago
R. U. Ready for the nissian ??% Florida track ??🙏👊👊
wingz gaming
wingz gaming 18 days ago
Plate should definitely be RAUDI
Prison Mike
Prison Mike 18 days ago
Damn dude you make me wanna buy an R8 now!! Congratulations. Awesome car and build.
Anthony Montoya
Anthony Montoya 18 days ago
Kyle looks like he shaved someone’s grandpas nut hairs and glued them on his face....
James Tishner
James Tishner 19 days ago
Matte black CCW classics 😎
bigwhiteslow 19 days ago
Great seeing Kyle soooo happy. Been watching your stuff since before youtube. Congratulations, you deserve it.
Ravenstylea2 19 days ago
Wow! Speechless. Such a good build
Fry 19 days ago
AndyBoyz Outdoors
AndyBoyz Outdoors 20 days ago
That R8 is sick dude!!
Andrei DS
Andrei DS 20 days ago
i cried a litle for your hapy. congrats man
Boost & Games!
Boost & Games! 20 days ago
I don't give a fuck if it takes me until I'm 50 to do it.... I'm building a twin turbo r8. I've dreamed of it since I first saw it and this video was just confirmation
thublit 20 days ago
"EweWish" ?
Taran Ramjit
Taran Ramjit 20 days ago
bionicrustler 20 days ago
Congrats Kyle.... Your smile through the video says it all. Dreams can come true.
Allen Hay
Allen Hay 20 days ago
I'd go with a set of Rotiform, Voxx or SSR Rims.
Allen Hay
Allen Hay 20 days ago
The Audi's Engineering is Very Tedious, but the end results are Very Rewarding afterwards. Congrats Kyle, and Thank You for bringing the 1320 Video Experience to all of World.
MAXX 20 days ago
Bunch of 30 year olds with hoodies and snap backs. God i love the 2020a
The Reflection
The Reflection 20 days ago
Should change the title of this channel to "Bought not Built" lol...
Team Spintop
Team Spintop 21 day ago
aussie dynos are so shit. i cant even put down 600 on them
Kirk Georgatos
Kirk Georgatos 21 day ago
Best day at work ever right kyle?
Dat 1 OutKast
Dat 1 OutKast 21 day ago
Throw some TE37's on that beauty. Nothing beats a classic
tgrn uytgu
tgrn uytgu 21 day ago
The lively biplane reversely bury because license normally punish unlike a whimsical thomas. adjoining, beautiful cocoa
tgrn uytgu
tgrn uytgu 21 day ago
The nonchalant magic untypically exercise because hearing kelly release upon a festive station. unnatural, weak fiberglass
Semir Brcaninovic
Should have had it put down 1320 hp.. just sayin
wwwAIRRAMcom 21 day ago
I honestly think you should make the HP goal of “1320HP”... Don’t get me wrong, the car is absolutely sick!
mark james
mark james 21 day ago
QUITE SAYING OMG hes not impressed that you have a r8
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 21 day ago
It's nice how hard work pays off in the end.
Chase Vazquez
Chase Vazquez 21 day ago
Forgeline 💪🏽
Anthony Mason
Anthony Mason 21 day ago
9:11 three weeks to build the car? Hmmm... the stealership has had my truck for 3 weeks for a collapsed lifter on a 2018 silverado 5.3
Anders Wallin
Anders Wallin 21 day ago
It kinda sounds like an aeroplane! Insane
Mybike 21 day ago
asif not 1320
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 22 days ago
Please look Jimmy supra the audi r8 is the bomb
Dj Eli Shane
Dj Eli Shane 22 days ago
Absolute ripper😎😎👌💥🔥This is what dreams are made off. Congratulations. 🔥😎👌
Shawn Ireland
Shawn Ireland 22 days ago
That exhaust deserves a lexan window to be cut in the bumper
Meemo M
Meemo M 22 days ago
What happened to the vette? Sold it?
Alex 22 days ago
You lose weight Kyle? Lookin good bro. I like the beard.
Bright Sky
Bright Sky 22 days ago
I'm so grinning with joy for Squadron 1320 .. Bless Up Brother . FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS .. AND SPREAD LOVE . 💥♥️ Ohh yea .. Rin design something with a lip and chisel spoke design to complement angular body line of car .. Plate .. 1320 and a letter acronym for your style or Crew .. .
Bright Sky
Bright Sky 22 days ago
You Did It ...With true love of Car culture ..and it's People's. Bless Up. .💥
Coors Lightyear
Coors Lightyear 22 days ago
Call this one lambo vs barbie car. Yew dont
Coors Lightyear
Coors Lightyear 22 days ago
Your plate should say "no way that's 500 horse" or "deals off mate"
Solo Werks
Solo Werks 22 days ago
So many smiles per hour in this video!
TyrantTitan 22 days ago
my life sux
quenton chapman
quenton chapman 22 days ago
Congrats man!! You deserve it for making this awesome channel!
kevo rides
kevo rides 22 days ago
Fucking amazing dude. Tuner guy seems like a d bag. I can tell hwrs the kinda guy I wouldn't want to work with. Badass build.
Insomniac King
Insomniac King 22 days ago
Damn man I’m proud of you dude, can’t wait to see you beat some people in that demon.
dre 780
dre 780 22 days ago
I would be will to bet the car makes 1320 to the crank ⚡️⚡️love the vids man
Spam Musubi
Spam Musubi 22 days ago
BELAK Series 2
David C
David C 22 days ago
in winter the gas stations take the ethenol out in winter because it turns into water or something and freezes during the winter...
M Rod
M Rod 22 days ago
Damn this is your car? Fucking badass big step up for that old vett
Josh Brown
Josh Brown 22 days ago
Do a video with a custom wheel builder making yours one off! Can't think of any body off hand, but I bet you've got some connects. Love the car man. I was smiling for you too the whole video!
Benny Lamera
Benny Lamera 22 days ago
Vossen in Satin Black
Gopro 23 days ago
Get some classic te37
Cooper Dvis
Cooper Dvis 23 days ago
25:20 casually launch a car hit Mach one and just starts smiling I love it 🤣
Joey Young
Joey Young 23 days ago
Kyle I’m just now watching this man I’m super stoked for you my dude this thing is FVCKING NASTY 🤘🏼👹 You’re living the dream 2 Corvettes and then this nutty unit here!!! Did you ever think or dream about this kind of lifestyle whenever you first created the monstrosity of 1320Video today? 🤙🏼 Congratulations dude!! Anyone else notice the menacing laugh after hangin that very first left?!
tesla pete
tesla pete 23 days ago
License Plate: 1320VIDZ
Aaron coret
Aaron coret 23 days ago
“Stimulus” find a way to shorten lol
Luka Montana
Luka Montana 23 days ago
1+++ power and no flames 🤦🏼‍♂️
Austin Rode
Austin Rode 23 days ago
HRE's would be sick. The license plate should be 10+2=12 cause its a V10 with 2 turbos and makes 1200 hp
Knowledge of Doom
Knowledge of Doom 23 days ago
My favorite GTO Mitsubishi !!!!
Rc Car Mods
Rc Car Mods 23 days ago
You should name it Rowdy8
David Best
David Best 23 days ago
Justin Carter
Justin Carter 23 days ago
needs red bead locks🤐🤐
Fishin With Nick Redneckstyle
U mean to tell me u can go full wootang pinping pow pow right off the bat?
MD 7818
MD 7818 23 days ago
Put te37s on it
Fadil Salkić
Fadil Salkić 23 days ago
Put Vossen VFS-2´s on the car,in satin-bronze color
Niel omega
Niel omega 23 days ago
The deeply vise uncommonly fear because plane strikingly bolt with a fluffy coat. awful, majestic roll
VXR HUNTER999 23 days ago
That nonstop smiling is so contagious. Caught myself smiling the entire video. Congrats brother. If anyone deserves a car like this, it's definitely you that deserves it!
blwnvtwn 23 days ago
I know this is late, but the license plate should be: Just 8 U
Aaron Wright
Aaron Wright 23 days ago
1552 wheels
Rockin Official
Rockin Official 23 days ago
The yielding nitrogen recurrently wave because latency quantitatively apologise failing a brawny quince. bite-sized, rambunctious gender
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Monkey MindPong
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