The OG’s of Street Racing (Cash Days DVD throwback!) 

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TWO crazy CASH DAY street events, all in ONE video! Texas & Oklahoma meet up and face off yet again in this high horsepower street car double feature, but of course only one city gets to take home the crown (and the cash) home with them. Big name street outlaws back in the day when street racing was more humble and before it was a production show, the real RAW street action people love! These cars were dialed in and insanely impressive back then, which makes sense considering the caliber of cars they pilot nowadays! Check out this Holiday DVD special and let us know below if the nostalgia hit you hard!
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Dec 24, 2020




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Comments 100   
1320video 3 months ago
Merry Christmas ya filthy animals!
Jefferson Nehemiah
@Karson Philip i will try it out now. Looks promising :)
Karson Philip
Karson Philip 6 days ago
Not sure if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instapwn. Find it on google :)
Andres 3 months ago
I love you
Devin Gielish
Devin Gielish 3 months ago
@Isaacthe boss it’s not a story you noob it actually happened!!!
Isaacthe boss
Isaacthe boss 3 months ago
@Devin Gielish Awsome story
JC 5 days ago
FLIP! 🙏❤️ Rest in Peace, Brother.
Angelica Kendal
Angelica Kendal 16 days ago
The grumpy ukraine peripherally compete because hail nomenclaturally bolt between a ratty system. agonizing, superb quart
Shoelybrezzy TV
Shoelybrezzy TV 24 days ago
Good thing he blurred his face out I would’ve never guessed who that was 😂😂😂😂😂
Grimson's Tuning
I remember when real racers didn't have to use that crap goo in the rear wheels to go fast.
steven adams
steven adams 2 months ago
Seeing alot of shorts in the first 30 seconds of the video... almost thought I was gonna see booty shorts on someone
Road House
Road House 2 months ago
What year was that?
Long2757 2 months ago
Remember the good old days when a fox body or SN95 with a heads, cam, headers, nitrous, converter, 4.10's and slicks, used to be competitive?
MR Shiny
MR Shiny 2 months ago
Big Chief
denver PURGE
denver PURGE 3 months ago
holy ads geez...more racing less ads man damn!
Bowtie Boy502
Bowtie Boy502 3 months ago
3:09 cmon we all know who it is
Mr. Viper
Mr. Viper 3 months ago
Why and where do they put the ice?
Inked GearHead
Inked GearHead 3 months ago
Man I didn’t see (throwback) and I swore I hear flips laugh then remembered 😔
Jose De Jesus
Jose De Jesus 3 months ago
Chevette drag build us-first.info/player/video/pMyvpatqfotklnE.html
LBR COYOTE 3 months ago
You and this music 😂
Zac Shoeman
Zac Shoeman 3 months ago
Damn, back when street cars were actually street cars
4you2pac 3 months ago
That is so old flip was still alive
Adam S
Adam S 3 months ago
Supercar suspects mob Scorpio mob
Wassup 1320
Takumiinthe86 3 months ago
Once I saw flip i was like damn this shit is old af. Rip flip
Larry Smith
Larry Smith 3 months ago
Just wondering if Jeff would be cool if some loosers came along and like tried to steal all his hard work and simply called it something like Desert Amazon. BOYCOTT, Desert 1320
allan rickard
allan rickard 3 months ago
Rap is stupid waving a gun around is stupid no more
Shit Box
Shit Box 3 months ago
Watched these DVD’s a bunch when this stuff was new, can’t believe it’s been that long ago already. 👍🏻
JP Hermann
JP Hermann 3 months ago
Nah OGs raced their daily drivers, knowing if they wrecked they weren't getting to work on monday. Not this trailer queen shit.
Elrod Jenkins
Elrod Jenkins 3 months ago
Lol, “OG’s of street racing”, you’ll have to go back to the 70’s and 80’s. My dad will be happy to tell you all about it.
Shit Box
Shit Box 3 months ago
@NeverEnoughPyro40 Yep, there’s been street racing as long as there’s been cars...
NeverEnoughPyro40 3 months ago
Actually it goes back a lot further than that!
Shit Box
Shit Box 3 months ago
My dad street raced in the 60’s...
Italian Metalhead
Italian Metalhead 3 months ago
Why am I not surprised that Boosted is using Dr. Pepper as burnout juice?!
Tanoxz 3 months ago
Almost to 3 mil!
CrewCabDart 3 months ago
Back when every car wasn’t LS powered😓
JC 5 days ago
@Sergeant Scumbag tell me one time you ever saw anyone from OKC drive their race car to a race. Go ahead. Ill wait. Oh you meant in general? People drive their cars to the spot every night, all over the country. So that doesn't work, either.
JC 5 days ago
Every car isn't LS powerd now, either 🤣. What are you talking about?
admiral_peck 7
admiral_peck 7 2 months ago
@Sergeant Scumbag like 3/4 of the cars on here were trailered...
Sergeant Scumbag
Sergeant Scumbag 2 months ago
and actually drove to the meet in the car not trailered
Connor Orrino
Connor Orrino 3 months ago
Kyle haha " oh I didn't see you down there" you have a way with woman lol
7Sin0City2 3 months ago
Thanx for the video dawg.
Unsurpassed Of Legions
Had me thinking my earphones blew at the beginning there 😤
kiiiburn 3 months ago
@1320video - get some XL sweatshirts in stock (the Mexico one preferably) and thanks!
Lucifer II
Lucifer II 3 months ago
So many basic boring LS builds someone needs to do something difference for once
Bubba Kushington
Bubba Kushington 3 months ago
Don't mind the drag racers it would be the damn two guys on zero turn mowers at 1:30 in the morning is what I would worry about.
Bubba Kushington
Bubba Kushington 3 months ago
Watched the 1st annual Christmas Tree Drag Races just before watching this what a great week to be into racing. Is that big chief doing the drivers meeting because that voice is hard to hide.
Terrance Adrian
Terrance Adrian 3 months ago
Boosted GT in his patented yellow mustang. Lol. 1320 with the exclusive content from back in the day! Merry Christmas Kyle and all the guys @ 1320!!! Oh, and R.I.P. Flip.
jacob justice
jacob justice 3 months ago
3Mil subscribers by new years????
CHIPP€-₩A. Jawsh
1320 for President!
Koby Hunnicutt
Koby Hunnicutt 3 months ago
RIP Flip and the Elco. ❤
Six 3 months ago
T. Wallace
T. Wallace 3 months ago
What year(s) was(were) this(these)?
T. Wallace
T. Wallace 3 months ago
@YourMom Nova Thanks my dude!
YourMom Nova
YourMom Nova 3 months ago
John Richardson
John Richardson 3 months ago
I hope beater boom is in the video
Joshua Rodriguez
Joshua Rodriguez 3 months ago
This video crazy good lookin out on posting this
Bobby Heenan
Bobby Heenan 3 months ago
Streetfire.net days
Zp_Beats 3 months ago
Rip Flip 🍻
abel teller
abel teller 3 months ago
The Truth
The Truth 3 months ago
Lot of bad ass classics , especially novas. What year was this ? Merry Christmas
OSOK KRONOS 3 months ago
Listen to how Humble Big Chief was before the TV fame hit him
Caleb Hatmaker
Caleb Hatmaker 3 months ago
I’ve got the same rims as 85% of these cars, sick asf
Evel Koloski
Evel Koloski 3 months ago
RIP Flip...
Skippi Names
Skippi Names 3 months ago
Brandon Bailey
Brandon Bailey 3 months ago
William Lopez
William Lopez 3 months ago
Crazy how fast the street cars can go now days.. back then u r fast if u can run a 10.
3z willie
3z willie 3 months ago
That 280 z thooo that thing is beautiful
abel teller
abel teller 3 months ago
ROLLIN THUNDER 3 months ago
Merry dragmas
BRAVO BULLZ 3 months ago
Nobody can say Big chief ain’t about that life Even after the success of the show him and Shawn would show up to these illegal cash days
BRAVO BULLZ 3 months ago
1.5 seconds in liked the video But aren’t all 1320 videos that way Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 thanks for another awesome video
TooBizzy2 JB73
TooBizzy2 JB73 3 months ago
No magnets required 😁
Joshua Colon
Joshua Colon 3 months ago
Dam Flip and his elco
matt hill
matt hill 3 months ago
This really was old school, flip was still driving the el camino
matt hill
matt hill 3 months ago
Happy Christmas guys, hope you're all enjoying a well deserved rest
Houston Texas #1
Houston Texas #1 3 months ago
Big goofy looking chief
Felipe Cervantes
Felipe Cervantes 3 months ago
RIP Flip 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Al Stefan
Al Stefan 3 months ago
Awesome video but the US-first ads are so fkn annoying interrupt the video way too much times....
Paul Lessard
Paul Lessard 3 months ago
Monte Christmas!
Terry Samples
Terry Samples 3 months ago
Sweet, Merry Christmas from Illinois
Gtown Boss
Gtown Boss 3 months ago
Love these old school races! Real street! Merry Christmas everyone! Happy holidays!
7s29 3 months ago
In the video you mention flip in the el comino? He passed away a few years ago.
Chris Rockwell
Chris Rockwell 3 months ago
This is from years ago
RwdSach 3 months ago
Nico Wallace
Nico Wallace 3 months ago
What year was this filmed?
Hayden Harwell
Hayden Harwell 3 months ago
18:00 I wonder if that man got his high-five
Brad Crossland
Brad Crossland 3 months ago
Hi cheif 🤣
Kl Kk
Kl Kk 3 months ago
I got some crazy throwback vibes oh mann
Geograsp Gaming
Geograsp Gaming 3 months ago
3mil is right there! Merry Christmas to everyone at 1320video much love y'all!
abel teller
abel teller 3 months ago
Phil Smith
Phil Smith 3 months ago
Isn't that the Mustang Chief, Daddy Dave , and AZN formerly known as outonyou raced on that dumbass show pinks
Jose Medina
Jose Medina 3 months ago
Damn the og eco 💯🙏 rip flip 🙏
Jeremy Hearn
Jeremy Hearn 3 months ago
I love the video and everything you have done, however, a lot of families are being put in very real situations where they can't afford housing or food for their families. If you can, donate to your local food bank and/or local charities to help insure these families that have been put out by covid have a meal to eat or a shelter to stay in. I've been fortunate to be in one of the industries that has seen a rise in production after covid and I think it's more important now than ever to serve our local communities and those in need. Happy holidays to you and yours! Thank you for the incredible content over the years! Much respect and love!
Cam A
Cam A 3 months ago
RIP Texas Raceway
Lazy Blazer
Lazy Blazer 3 months ago
Back when street racing was STREET RACING. Merry Christmas
Seth Hanlon
Seth Hanlon 3 months ago
Who else just peeped the tree guy is big chief
Spoder man
Spoder man 3 months ago
Dang how long ago are this movies from. Verizon 3G. Definitely was being spied on lol
Christopher Hyde
Christopher Hyde 3 months ago
Never seen a ice vending machine before playing ice ice baby!!
Christopher Hyde
Christopher Hyde 3 months ago
@Chris Rockwell did some research on it mostly a southern thing. It's a vending machine called twice the ice.
Chris Rockwell
Chris Rockwell 3 months ago
I've never seen an ice vending machine before.
Balenci Jones
Balenci Jones 3 months ago
Damn texas whopping okc ass in second one I remember that
Tommy 3v
Tommy 3v 3 months ago
Has there been a stick shift only cash days ?
Stinky10R 3 months ago
Yes. Very recently.
ProudNavyDad SWO-N
ProudNavyDad SWO-N 3 months ago
That sounds like Chief.
HairBandDan 3 months ago
I’d be getting sick of all the damn flashes on the camera if I was racing great video tho when actually street cars raced
guga e marga
guga e marga 3 months ago
Merry Christmas from Brasil love American muscle cars
Luis TYB
Luis TYB 3 months ago
What year is this?
Pitmaster4Lyfe 3 months ago
Hell yeah fellas, this is the only way to spend Christmas Eve! Do you think Santa's sleigh is turbo or nitrous?! I say it's both just cause he's a effin boss! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY, I WISH Y'ALL THE BEST! 🍻👍🏼💯
Shannon Rajanayagam
Shannon Rajanayagam 3 months ago
Man outonyou killin it. DAddy Dave come a long way
abel teller
abel teller 3 months ago
John Carpenter
John Carpenter 3 months ago
SWEET! Thanks 1320video and everyone have a Merry Christmas..
Nitro junkie
Nitro junkie 3 months ago
Dave Allen
Dave Allen 3 months ago
Do it on a track not the streets, what a bunch of idiots...I hope the cops catch you all teach you guys a lesson..👎
Eddie Gomez
Eddie Gomez 3 months ago
You know that’s real OG when you see boosted gt old mustang and you see flip in the elco
JEEP Wk5.7
JEEP Wk5.7 3 months ago
605BOLT 3 months ago
I frickin love these throwback releases.
Sleepy Logic
Sleepy Logic 3 months ago
I want to be a street racer.
Murphy 3 months ago
Love the throwback videos
Johnny Moran
Johnny Moran 3 months ago
Now idiot kids go to industrial parks to do douchey doughnuts just because they saw people from California on the internet doing it. Some real monkey see monkey do BS.
Jaime Sanders
Jaime Sanders 3 months ago
It’s funny seeing their faced blurred out but knowing the voices lol
Joe E
Joe E 3 months ago
R.I.P Flip & the Elco
Michael Locklear
Michael Locklear 3 months ago
3mil is a good Christmas present