They Bought $500 Worth of ICE to Finish! 

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Hank Kronk is a well known race week Veteran, and certainly no stranger to its grueling nature. Hank is the kind of racer that will pull over and ask how he can help if he see’s another racer on the side of the road, even knowing that it may add hours to the drive. The Kronk Racing fox body and trailer are a staple of race weeks and drag weeks because of this, but that doesn’t mean that Hank doesn’t encounter problems himself. In fact during this race week it seems he had more than his fair share of challenges, but they still didn’t stop him from completing the week. How many people do you know who would rather spend almost $500 (or more) worth of Ice just to finish the week’s competition?
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Mar 15, 2021




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Comments 100   
No Name available
I love the 90s paint
DespizedICON 10 days ago
Someone needs to bring Dry Ice to the track and sell it like hamburgers
Slav Man
Slav Man 11 days ago
Isnt this a reupload?
Stan Lee
Stan Lee 17 days ago
How do you lose a radiator?
friscoHub415 17 days ago
Dude looks like Freddy Kruegers son
Hunter Biden’s cocaine dealer
The car does not appear to launch hard at all? Maybe it’s just the angle or something but the other 7 sec cars seem to leave the line in much more violent way. Bad ass car tho.
thatjokerperson 18 days ago
"We lost our radiator" Well go to lowes grab a couple couplers a tote and a strainer drill 2 holes seal it and fill that bitch with ice water
Jesse Hackett
Jesse Hackett 19 days ago
6.90..... proceeds to run 8s lol yeah right
Sean Gallagher
Sean Gallagher 19 days ago
whyy ask
whyy ask 20 days ago
Wow U get way more ice for $500 in America than U do in Australia.. hb or so
Nicks Rides
Nicks Rides 21 day ago
Wants 6.90’s can’t run 7’s consistently. Traps like a 1000hp car hmmm
LaMbErTJDMEG4 21 day ago
Fair fuckin play man 👍
Waleed Aqrabawi
Waleed Aqrabawi 22 days ago
They make it look sooo easy
Marvin Hindman
Marvin Hindman 22 days ago
That's a bulletproof team!
BOBINGTON 22 days ago
Dude I where’s the RPM act at?? Smh
Mason Scott
Mason Scott 22 days ago
Not the only type of ice they’re melting
Sirius Black
Sirius Black 22 days ago
EPA gonna take all those toys away
Orenziox Oz STRAW
Orenziox Oz STRAW 23 days ago
Massimo Orlando
Massimo Orlando 23 days ago
1320, please make a dedicated video on the RPM act. This needs to be talked about more by large creators ASAP. Please let your viewers know!
Larry Baken
Larry Baken 23 days ago
Anyone know the motor set up in this car?
Justin Carter
Justin Carter 23 days ago
i love his dedication. true dedication like that keeps the sport alive
Jordan Knight
Jordan Knight 23 days ago
Dude just buy a damn intercooler your just wasting money on ice
troyjpfeiffer 23 days ago
Where’s the video with your take on the rpm act and getting it out there for people to know. You have to following that can actually make a difference You have more subs than any other US-first channel I follow yet yours in the only one that hasn’t touched on this. Let’s gooooo. #savetheracecars
toma nota
toma nota 24 days ago
sign the RPM ACT folks!!!
Surj 24 days ago
Hopefully I get in. I’m on the waitlist... 16 with a 12 second GTP. Hank is such a great guy!
Willie Young
Willie Young 24 days ago
The hell with rocky mountain race week they need to be at TX2K21
junk man
junk man 24 days ago
1992 Wind-Breaker Colors paint job. Anyone else have one like that too?
O vjroc o ,
O vjroc o , 24 days ago
Yeah fr everyone sign that rpm act
Collin P
Collin P 24 days ago
Kinda cool, think I saw someone on the team in their truck going thru my city
Norton Ruschel
Norton Ruschel 24 days ago
byafender 24 days ago
Straight beast mode, that is an epic amount of work! Props to these gentlemen
Joey Parraga
Joey Parraga 24 days ago
who else is here waiting for tx2k vids
Geraldo Soares
Geraldo Soares 24 days ago
Top os vídeos do 1320 São Paulo Brasil 👋👋👋
darren brisson
darren brisson 24 days ago
Is it a ls engine
Screw Head713
Screw Head713 24 days ago
U have to spent money to make money
Slagg CS
Slagg CS 24 days ago
400 mile drive is 12 hours? They must be going the speed limit and stopping for 20 oz water bottles every 30 minutes. I made it from, Scottsdale az to Venice Beach fl in 38 hours, in a fully loaded Titan, with a trailer and getting searched by boarder patrol because my friend didn't throw his roach box away before moving.
Slagg CS
Slagg CS 24 days ago
Day one of drag week gets a second video? Must be hard times for content to stretch it out like this.
Brady Jacoby
Brady Jacoby 24 days ago
Maybe it’s some huge road course secret.... but I guess drag racers never heard of spraying ice water from a weed killer bottle.
Vorte x
Vorte x 24 days ago
Ight whose going to tx2k I've never gone but I'm tryna go with someone
ackillerdog 25 days ago
@1320video make a video on the RPM ACT please! Spread awareness!
JCS_peggy 25 days ago
1320 FANS PLEASE READ: Please go to SEMA’s webpage and sign for the RPM act! Or else events like this and the cars seen will be no more!
Shaun Dunford
Shaun Dunford 25 days ago
$500 worth of ice. In Australia, that's called a BIG weekend lol.
daniel hylton
daniel hylton 25 days ago
“first pass A to B, second pass C what it’ll Do”
Mr JZA75
Mr JZA75 25 days ago
Never leave the 1320 guys hangin.
Chance Smalley
Chance Smalley 23 days ago
I read it right when he said it lol
Jeancharles Rabaux
Jeancharles Rabaux 25 days ago
Y love the mustang fox bodies yeee good cars et good job
Rowdy Performance
Rowdy Performance 25 days ago
That was indeed a long night getting it fixed and put back together!
akaDICworldwide 25 days ago
Dumbass question here, why do they hesitate after the light goes green?
Vitamin Ex
Vitamin Ex 25 days ago
What a savage! NOTHING is going to stop that guy from running one more pass. The entire car could be in flames, he still would've got in and drove it.
Geminiway 25 days ago
Fred is good!
maynard barredo
maynard barredo 26 days ago
I love your content keep it up
Jack van der Linden
Can you address everyone about the rpm act and what the epa is doing to our beloved hobby and sport it’s important sign the rpm act on Sema’s website or just google rpm act on google or whatever and sign a petition it will take all of us to do it @1320videos
MessYouUp757 26 days ago
Yo I live like 30 mins away from them #missouri mischief
Indiana Hunters
Indiana Hunters 26 days ago
Dude that redline burn out no wonder they blow both head gaskets!!!!!!!!
Duner250R 26 days ago
Douche bag: Is it bad bad? Car owner: Well obviously it's bad enough to the point we're fixing it. We don't want to oil the track v Douche bag: smOh
Michel Brücher
Michel Brücher 26 days ago
Nice effort
Ade M
Ade M 26 days ago
Love the ramp trailer 🔧😜
A. W. Sum
A. W. Sum 26 days ago
Air cooled inter cooled iced cooled 💪
Justin Emery
Justin Emery 26 days ago
That was fuckin raw. What a determined team and savage far as "we making it no matter what"
4AmigoFilms 26 days ago
Man that was wholesome conversation at the beginning of the video but my lord I could not watch it because I couldn’t take my eyes off that dirt on the lens
Ammo Beatz
Ammo Beatz 26 days ago
gotta respect old man he a hell of a guy and racer no cap
Smokey Yunick
Smokey Yunick 26 days ago
If I had 2000 I wouldn’t restrict myself to 16-1800HP I would run my shit at 100% unless I’m on a bye or the other guy red lights besides that you wanna put 100% of the power to the ground I raced 4 nights a week for 15 years straight then I chased the NHRA points as well so I was busy during the summer running all over the country, umm is this not racing wtf, are they all just chasing a number this is just a bullshit 7 day test and tune event this is fked
Edward -M
Edward -M 26 days ago
There's still the smudge on the camera lense on the camera and it keeps making think I have something on my screen, 1320 change the lense or clean it please! Lol
Brian Jones
Brian Jones 26 days ago
Brought her to dinner on the first burn out 🤷🏻‍♂️
A Okay
A Okay 26 days ago
Dope ass mobile lift. Awesome idea
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson 26 days ago
I just love people like that. I would be honored to meet him on the road just to shake that man's hand.
Jared THISDELLE 26 days ago
The epa is trying to f.ck with street car s look it up sign to save the cars
1320video 25 days ago
We’re all for the RPM act, it doesn’t address street cars though :(
Nick Zeoli
Nick Zeoli 26 days ago
Nice to see people running it out the back
Allen Bradwell
Allen Bradwell 26 days ago
Dude clean your lense I was wiping mine. Lol
Audi man
Audi man 26 days ago
When your so happy the car finished the trip but yet you throw the I know your hurt and i and dont give a F what happens to you tune up in it anyway!!! hahha should be race weeks slogan!
REaPer X
REaPer X 26 days ago
When were u guys up here at Bandimere???? Also we need ur help, the apartments across from Bandimere are trying to get it removed, and Bandimere has been here for 60+ years! And the apartments are only like 3 years old.
Aleiyah collado
Aleiyah collado 26 days ago
DID I JUST SEE a hoist at the races....amazing move....is that portable?
I have a name
I have a name 26 days ago
Can't wait for Race Week this year!
Mike Castro
Mike Castro 26 days ago
Try showing more of the combo setup size engine and turbos more engine pics amd suspension. Need more content of the engines in your videos. But good job
Dario García Capel
1320 people, you should make a video about the RPM act ASAP, cause it's getting serious and everyone needs no know
Massimo Orlando
Massimo Orlando 23 days ago
@John Smith this is genuinely very important. Not just another thing people are like “this is important” and then it’s stupid. A federal ruling that could potentially permanently ban any street car being modified in any way. Please look it up and sign the RPM act that SEMA has released!!
G 23 days ago
@John Smith the epa tryna ban race cars
John Smith
John Smith 23 days ago
What is it? Since we need to know lol
admiral_peck 7
admiral_peck 7 26 days ago
Jeffrey Neely
Jeffrey Neely 26 days ago
Is the car an LS?
Rhubarb Pie
Rhubarb Pie 26 days ago
Y'all can go to a membership big box store and buy dry ice instead 🥶
Trent Crompton
Trent Crompton 26 days ago
Now that’s commitment 👍
Tree Jay
Tree Jay 26 days ago
The car is cool and all but I’m mind blown by that portable 2 post car lift! I’ve never seen that before that’s genius!
surgedtwice 26 days ago
Seeing all the new tech and innovation in the drag scene I'd imagine a way better way of cooling your engine between runs would exist 🤔 why not run liquid nitrogen through your block for a few seconds? Would that crack the casting due to drastic temperature change 🤷‍♂️
black98rt 26 days ago
“Hell no, we’re making a pass!”
Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers 26 days ago
Hell yes, never give up.
Peter 26 days ago
How does it feel knowing your sleeper Alpha R8 is on terms with these boys?
Gunner Schenck
Gunner Schenck 26 days ago
Setting up a Rent-Me two post lift there is genius
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson 26 days ago
It's a trailer that goes where the event goes and I think it's genius
Gbody Jose
Gbody Jose 26 days ago
Didn’t they post this video before ??
JacksonGuitarPlayer 97
When your car overheats all the time
Doug DiGiacomo
Doug DiGiacomo 26 days ago
We ain’t breakin no damn beams We’re makin a pass! Got to give that dude props
doubleoddbuck00 26 days ago
Redline on the last pass... Bravo!!!
Gustavo Guajardo
Gustavo Guajardo 26 days ago
I like turtles!
Jayj B
Jayj B 26 days ago
Sounds like something holding it back on start !!!!
Rock and shoal fantasy
Dude I love the race week car and driver profiles. These are the best
JoNJoN 26 days ago
The stuff racers do 😳👌
Joker 26 days ago
What’s the 60ft? This thing looks so slow on the leave
Just Drive It
Just Drive It 26 days ago
LoL they brought a lift to a race event I'd charge people to use it. 🤑
I have a name
I have a name 26 days ago
I think the lift is free to use, but the guy that brings it and sells them get free advertising.
Victor Diaz III
Victor Diaz III 26 days ago
That smudge on the lens in the first 3 minutes was driving me nuts!!
The RC Racer
The RC Racer 26 days ago
Why aren't you guys taking about the RPM Act.
Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood
She wee I do not miss buying ice LOL now I buy drums of M1!
carlos oliveira
carlos oliveira 26 days ago
Hayden Dodson
Hayden Dodson 26 days ago
You guys at Bandy now?
DoxTT 26 days ago
I need that lift on wheels