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TX2K’s fourth and final day has come to an end, with the rise and fall of new champions across all classes! Crazy, Wild, and EPIC are the only words that fairly describe what took place here today at Houston Raceway Park! Seeing the caliber of cars that this event brings every year is mind boggling, as racers continue to ride along the bleeding edge of each of platform! While TX2K is only one of many events we attend each year, it’s always the one that jumpstarts our spirits for the year as we kick off another automotive season. Check out the stories, the action, and the insanity that took place here in Baytown, TX.
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TX2K21 Day 1 Highlights: us-first.info/player/video/n9ennXB0Y4hflXk.html
TX2K21 Day 2 Highlights: us-first.info/player/video/bM9mqauqk5ulrGA.html
TX2K21 Day 3 Highlights: us-first.info/player/video/jbZsY6aDdYBli3U.html
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Mar 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
Robert Sommers
Robert Sommers 2 days ago
23:52 bumping in at the same time
Ğ Ĕ M Ĩ Ń Ĩ 2 days ago
Guy with the huracan was on hyperdrive
Lux 2 days ago
9:58 is that Bruce Willis
Michael Simko
Michael Simko 3 days ago
The Father vs Son race just shows what a Fox Body street car can do
well hello there
well hello there 3 days ago
Did nobody see the smart car XD
Giovanni Mathias Sgambato
Bwaaaaa sutututu lover
kingslayer3219 4 days ago
That would be annoying and funny to be beat by a Miata
Kingbanter 4 days ago
Someone’s hitting the oxy’s haaaard🥴
Heineken Please
Heineken Please 5 days ago
if a transmission would have nightmares this is what she will dream!
AaAsCd 5 days ago
9:42 Guys shoes get stuck to the track. Lol
Hashir Tariq
Hashir Tariq 6 days ago
No one : Every ricer watching this : WHY IS IT SPICY 🌶🌶🌶
Shibbzey S
Shibbzey S 7 days ago
There’s a built in fan lol it got me lol
Victor van Dyke
Victor van Dyke 7 days ago
You know what would be bad ass? If the Pink lady would put a child seat in the back!
Chris Severs
Chris Severs 7 days ago
3.6 million followers yet only 17k likes I don’t get it!!?!?
Craig Maiorana
Craig Maiorana 7 days ago
What was it that both of those GTR's crapped out? ... I thought they hit birds 🐦 😂
Berkay Keskin
Berkay Keskin 8 days ago
Lambo 25:43
Bondan Nugraha
Bondan Nugraha 8 days ago
It's a lambo or Toyota?
Henry Yarrow
Henry Yarrow 8 days ago
3:50 bRo ThE SuPRa wAS StoCk AnD StiLl wOn
Maulana Ilham
Maulana Ilham 8 days ago
2jZ 😍
Jeancharles Rabaux
La voiture orange avec un 2 jz c était quoi j ai pas reconnu
Jeancharles Rabaux
Elle marche de mieux en mieux les mustang a ce que je voie kool
Jeancharles Rabaux
Y love the motors 2jz yeeee
Dylan Powers
Dylan Powers 9 days ago
Either I went fast or I went really fast ... Kyle :i just need my gopro back ....🤣🤣
Joey Parraga
Joey Parraga 9 days ago
Anyone else wonder how much ruby is gonna sell for in 50 years, it’ll probably end up in a museum
Tropical & Co
Tropical & Co 9 days ago
"He totally catfished me"
1DirtbikeBoy 9 days ago
10.02 your welcome
TANIA STYLBA 9 days ago
The gainful month jelly invite because message largely challenge barring a thirsty crush. clean, outrageous note
socaliguy81 9 days ago
Honda Civic 7.7 Lambo 7.5 McLaren 8.8 What a waste of money. LOL
African Dude
African Dude 9 days ago
RPM act. EPA is trying to shut this down. Go help out guys. Save racing. Save DIY
worst Playa
worst Playa 10 days ago
Everyone there:"What Pandemic?" Bruh wear ur mask my dude.
Ali Ceja
Ali Ceja 7 days ago
Sorry. People aren’t sheep
The Cap Squad TM
The Cap Squad TM 10 days ago
that sounds so bad
Wyatt Zane Music
Wyatt Zane Music 10 days ago
9:42 watch the guy lose his shoes because the prep is so sticky😂 both shoes at that lol
SpookyChungaS 11 days ago
3:47 Is dat Baltic Supra guy?
frank hernandez
frank hernandez 11 days ago
Why do I always root for the car with less cylinders. It’s like I go for the underdog most of the time.
KONTROLL me 11 days ago
I’m crying rn like 4 people blew the engine
DMC Channel
DMC Channel 11 days ago
Civic TOP..
beastmaster415 11 days ago
@6:54 What is the reason for the staggered start?
Fernando Reinert
Fernando Reinert 11 days ago
Se tivesse um apzão ai ninguém pegava kkkk
Peter McCarthy
Peter McCarthy 12 days ago
Last and final
Beshoy Daoud
Beshoy Daoud 12 days ago
The flat coach perinatally bat because plate industrially last atop a dapper orchestra. measly, material atom
Dillon Lewis
Dillon Lewis 12 days ago
17:42 you asked him “what’s the game plan.”😂 Oh boy I bet you didn’t think his car would fold.
MrTimeless101 12 days ago
I would love to see a drag aventador, imagine a turbo v12 monster.
Issa Bendeck
Issa Bendeck 12 days ago
Those gtrs breaking every time?
Steez 2k
Steez 2k 12 days ago
Next March. Got it for sure have to experience this event lol. Have a chance to meet Brooke and Cleetus lol I’d be stoked
Ryan Lizardo
Ryan Lizardo 12 days ago
Less talking, more passes
EPIC NOOB 13 days ago
The green mustang at 2:00 i thought that was slow speeds
C7 went faster (7.3) vs the Lambo but lets ignore that. Smdh probably because it's not their boy
Ivan Grogan
Ivan Grogan 13 days ago
it’s amazing to me that the dudes who get paid to watch drag races and say the times still don’t know the difference between a tenth and a hundredth of a second 🤣
#444 racing #444
#444 racing #444 13 days ago
Here at 444 racing loving yah videos bro keep up the good work
BotDamian 13 days ago
19:06 He had the "To the moon" map loaded.
William Houston Jr
William Houston Jr 13 days ago
Are y’all going to the Maryland race their is gonna be a viper their u should definitely record it
Nemesis 13 days ago
Wow! That "princess" girl... Second time i see her beeing so lucky.
Bobby_T 13 days ago
So if you want to be fast get Supra!!! 2jz #legendary
shxfty 13 days ago
Ls swapped fc
eSnacks 13 days ago
This car ain’t no bitch Car proceeds to be a bitch
Samuel 14 days ago
no dodge wow
Oscar Thorpe
Oscar Thorpe 14 days ago
11:42 going pretty fast considering his car caught fire 2 years ago
Sambone Life74!
Sambone Life74! 14 days ago
@10:50 all 4 wheels are off of the ground...wtf! And look how far down track he was...smfh
Taylor Samuels
Taylor Samuels 14 days ago
all fun and games till the mexican guy in the maxima shows up
Muhammad Masrukhan
Muhammad Masrukhan 14 days ago
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levite 14 days ago
I never knew the track was really that sticky
Diego Arteaga Lopez
dam man badass lambo
Adam Wood
Adam Wood 14 days ago
@18:00 "my car ain't no bitch
El_Fotzo 14 days ago
10:59 Imagine having so much torque that you're in full wheelspin on a glued surface - insane!
That Guy :D
That Guy :D 14 days ago
looked like an awesome time. gotta say though fuck the civic. just can't respect that turd.
Colii 14 days ago
Cleeter with the "97.1% Throttle" had me dying
Michael Atkin
Michael Atkin 14 days ago
You should start telling everyone what happened to the cars when they break on the track.
Facundo Azame
Facundo Azame 14 days ago
QUE Buenoooo🚀un misil
Vincent Jacobsen
Vincent Jacobsen 14 days ago
These ppl are acting normal. In Europe this isn’t imaginable. Everybody is wearing a mask and being anti social
Jonathan Sherer
Jonathan Sherer 14 days ago
21:50 what exactly am I looking at
bwahvtecfishtail 14 days ago
What kind of car was the orange one that won? Also what motor?
Mohaned Elmnoushy
Mohaned Elmnoushy 14 days ago
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Adz Mc
Adz Mc 15 days ago
Those supra's have to been modified in Australia or New Zealand.
Fan Tech
Fan Tech 15 days ago
25:45 lambo
Bossjerry Bbvv
Bossjerry Bbvv 15 days ago
Obviously this car ain’t no bitch....
lucas reinoso
lucas reinoso 15 days ago
12:40 that supra should have won the 2jz class , don't know what happened to him but holy fuck that was fast.
HelpfulMoney472 13 days ago
From seeing what happened the round he lost (i believe the semi-finals) he was having issues building boost on the line so when he tried to leave it just didn’t go anywhere
ivan dragovich
ivan dragovich 15 days ago
I love tx2k you all got the best rides. Any advise on restoring a 93 k1500 to a street legal drag spec
mill b
mill b 15 days ago
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 15 days ago
Cant stop replaying 21:59 launch
David Whidby
David Whidby 15 days ago
Offthelineperformance showin up and showin out
Fishhook 15 days ago
no ads, no stupid sponsors. just racing. i love it
Adam Pope
Adam Pope 15 days ago
Shout out to the Labatt Blue Shirt at 1:31. Team Canada baby!
Supersupra87 15 days ago
I came to think about the speedfactory FWD civic that did 215mph. Imagine the acceleration it must do from half way down and to the finish line.
yves 1984
yves 1984 15 days ago
12:45 😲😲
D. W.
D. W. 15 days ago
I know that I'm not the only one..but FYI if thumbnail is a "Super" Car I never will watch that video.
Adrien Michael
Adrien Michael 15 days ago
that honda civic at 15:58 is ugly as fuck, like who would even make that car into a drag car. SMH
GraveUypo 15 days ago
still can't see the point of drag racing. i suppose it's more of a mechanic thing than a driver thing.
Azzedine 15 days ago
That AMS lambo is a demon
Meitsi Vaan
Meitsi Vaan 15 days ago
love the masks!
DashYT 15 days ago
Did the GTR engine blow @ 20:53?
Sharzalion Sand'Oria
George :'( ... So sad for Nightfury ....
yaniolek S
yaniolek S 16 days ago
Brooks :D
Sage Tactics
Sage Tactics 16 days ago
car mods are illegal now in the USA 🇺🇸 😢
Salvador Calderon
Salvador Calderon 15 days ago
Land of the free amirite? 🇺🇸
Just Kart Builds
Just Kart Builds 16 days ago
7.01@204 = "just gettin' from A to B".
Supreme Media
Supreme Media 16 days ago
I like how the Honda was moving and running a 7s but 1320 didn’t car so they continue showing these 250k super cars smh
Maria Lindat
Maria Lindat 16 days ago
Text Here : (Eight~ Five~ Six) (Three~ Two~ Four~) (Seven~ zero~ Seven~ zero)
TheNDFarmer 16 days ago
Anybody know what happened to the Grannas Racing supra?
Sir LurksaLot
Sir LurksaLot 16 days ago
I have a question. Can a car with AWD still do a wheelie?
GGG 16 days ago
Sage Tactics
Sage Tactics 16 days ago
Gary Burley
Gary Burley 16 days ago
Everybody was blowing the tires in the right lane
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