WORST Luck VS The BEST Attitude 

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Rocky Mountain Race Week is a notoriously tough challenge, merited by a 1,000 miles+ journey across the midwest in a race car. Typically racers are only armed with a trailer, however these two radical rebels barely showed up with a running car! We could tell from day 1 that this ol’ four-eyed fox was going to be a car we needed to follow throughout the week. While we never want to see racers encounter issues or struggles, these two couldn’t have been happier regardless of what happened along the way. From belts, to plugs, and everything in between, this feature highlights some aspects that nearly all racers face at some point but with and endless supply of smiles per gallon!
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Mar 8, 2021




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Te Hopo
Te Hopo Day ago
I chuckled the whole way through this, and really lost it at the sunburned knee 😂
Robert Pierson
Robert Pierson 2 days ago
Why is a video even made of this. That thing is slow AF.
turbo man 351w
turbo man 351w 5 days ago
What happened to that nasty 408 you had
Saul 45
Saul 45 7 days ago
Love this guy 🤣
drew kryger
drew kryger 11 days ago
Getting that guy the multi-meter was one of the nicest things i have seen on this channel... and there is a lot of nice things on this channel...
Jen Fleharty
Jen Fleharty 10 days ago
That is how everybody is treated on race week. So many incredible people who are willing to help everyone out. Rocky Mountain Race week is a extraordinary experience!
Az _
Az _ 11 days ago
Sally is very fitting. The type of chick that's loud and in your face but doesn't have much actual grunt. Great video, loved the crew and the fun of the car's journey
NO NAME 12 days ago
Does a hell of a burnout
NO NAME 12 days ago
Sounds like a Harley
J P 12 days ago
Clapped out 351 🤣🤣 love it
Nico Cooper
Nico Cooper 16 days ago
Best video ever.. with a smile 💪
Stan Chase
Stan Chase 18 days ago
Still has truck cam.
EvanoEAB 18 days ago
That entire week is probably the best week of his life, doubt he'll ever forget it.
Thatchmo 62
Thatchmo 62 19 days ago
This was one of the most enjoyable videos I've watched in entirety in a long while. Well done. I'd like to see a follow-up of this car if you see it at a meet again.
Ej1 k24
Ej1 k24 20 days ago
Call him smiley
txpacket 20 days ago
The BEST smiles are made just like this! Loved every single second of this, hands down!
Ripnlip Tightlines
Please find these guys next year. Enjoyable to watch.
mewrongway 23 days ago
That boys and girls is why everyone runs a LS in there Fords!
savvy collection
savvy collection 23 days ago
Francisco Figueras
Francisco Figueras 23 days ago
This is a great video, and this is what motorsports should be about having fun and hanging out with friends
fordltd1983 23 days ago
That's what racing is about having fun no matter how fast your going! Just enjoy yourself. A day at the track with issues is better than any day at work.
Dean Brown
Dean Brown 23 days ago
Best vid i've seen for a while. These guys are having the time of their lives, enjoy :)
Marie Palomares
Marie Palomares 24 days ago
The chivalrous tyvek conspicuously confuse because foot scilly analyse except a tender tense rise. gamy, woozy court
turbo man 351w
turbo man 351w 24 days ago
Richard Manzanarez
Richard Manzanarez 24 days ago
Probably the best vid ever
Anthony Rametta
Anthony Rametta 24 days ago
Fucking amazing 👌🤣
Erik Hyndman
Erik Hyndman 25 days ago
Race week is the best...it’s not about making so much power that you spin the earth, it’s about the journey, companionship, and love for the sport. This is grassroots love for cars and human connection. So many people could learn so much from this experience.
Todd Walls
Todd Walls 25 days ago
dubguytv 25 days ago
A lot of US-first is about big money cars and breaking records but this is about having fun. Going down the track at 8 sec or 15 secs is always a blast. We need to get more people around for fun 🤙🏻 thanks for the post
dirty vert
dirty vert 25 days ago
This setup could be rowdy lol 😆
Charles Sanborn
Charles Sanborn 26 days ago
This guy is a winner ...no matter what..
Blubyrd Racing
Blubyrd Racing 26 days ago
I love these types of videos. Even the guys without big teams and sponsorships can have a hell of a time and still be fun to watch! Good on ya man keep it up!
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF 26 days ago
@Blubyrd Racing much appreciated!!
Blubyrd Racing
Blubyrd Racing 26 days ago
@Clevor BMF subscribed brother!
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF 26 days ago
hell yes! thanks
Mike DoubleOhDoubleU
Str8 up awesome!
Justin Brimer
Justin Brimer 26 days ago
What is their US-first channel
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF 26 days ago
clevor bmf on youtube
EL CHICANO 915 26 days ago
Wow! This guy has an amazing attitude. Cheers to the both of them. Great couple of dudes👍🏽🍻🍻
BlackBruceLee 27 days ago
I now want a roadkill style show with this guy.
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF 27 days ago
That would be epic.... I’m in 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Unclefacts 27 days ago
dude's as chill as his car, love it good on him. havin fun is what it's about
Ralph Menta
Ralph Menta 27 days ago
Thats what its all about
JayRonin 27 days ago
His channel is "clevor bmf " check it out !
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF 27 days ago
Thanks brother 🤘🏻
Caleb Rose
Caleb Rose 27 days ago
beginning of day three, we just casually see Cooper Bogetti drive by through the window lmao. that was a bit interesting
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 27 days ago
Awesome video, left me smiling all the way through.
Beefalo Bart
Beefalo Bart 27 days ago
Smiles Per Hour. If your not having fun, go do something else.
John Monroe
John Monroe 27 days ago
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF 27 days ago
Didn’t have springs or time to check. Did the best with what I had 🤷🏼‍♂️
Rave All day
Rave All day 27 days ago
I LOVE this video
George Anthony
George Anthony 27 days ago
Doing the best with what you got and having a BLAST doing it! THE AMERICAN DREAM👍👍🤙🤙👏👏
avman1339 28 days ago
Inspirational! Commendable! At 59 years old, looking back over at least the last 40 years of my life and how so many times so many things would get me pissed off, from not having the "right" line, color, size, artificial lure while fishing on vacation, you know, when I'm supposed to be relaxing, to seeing intolerable flaws in others, especially if that had a negative impact on my work or the result I was working towards. Yeah, even if I "was right" when others were wrong, and doing all of that to myself when I made mistakes....The way you guys faced this adversity is going to be a benchmark I will try to emulate, but will likely fail, but I have an honorable goal at least! Thanks to ALL OF YOU in this video!
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF 27 days ago
Never in my wildest dreams did I think me being me would be this impactful. I appreciate those words more that I can explain with words.... thank you 🙏🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 28 days ago
Love the whole video!!!. Something different, plus a good guy.
Brandon Hewitt
Brandon Hewitt 28 days ago
Glad he was having fun. That thing sounds like it's down a couple cylinders. At least 1 cylinder. Never heard a mustang sound so bad. 😂 Seems like a great guy. Can't wait to see him with his Clevor build. Lol, just got to the part where they found out it was running on 6 cylinders. Can't believe the guy filming couldn't hear that & say something.
SliccJay 28 days ago
Make a video on the RPM ACT we must be heard!!!
nitro goose
nitro goose 28 days ago
Love this guy's attitude ....that's what makes a great race day no matter what the outcome is!
Roger Chien
Roger Chien 28 days ago
So much going on in the engine shouldn't it be faster
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF 27 days ago
Throw together in two days to make race week. Didn’t have time to sort it all out 🤷🏼‍♂️
Roger Chien
Roger Chien 28 days ago
Whole point is to have fun
David Attanasio
David Attanasio 28 days ago
Pretty clean 4-eye. Miss my 86☹️
Glen Fleharty
Glen Fleharty 28 days ago
Son I am so proud of the man you have become! Your cup is now half full!
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF 27 days ago
Thanks Diddy. You’ve always been an integral part of that success. Thanks for always being there for me ❤️❤️
turd furguson
turd furguson 28 days ago
I don't think anyone has a better attitude in the racing Community than Brent from PFI contagious positive attitude
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF 28 days ago
He’s a legend for sure 🤘🏻
Steve Watkins
Steve Watkins 28 days ago
this is the attatude your sapoast 2 have
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 28 days ago
It actually pulled the left front wheel at 12:34!
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker 28 days ago
Kyle to the rescue! Well done bud.
Hawk96 28 days ago
Sounds like a cracked head. Nvm that motor sounds roasted.
Bill Mondt
Bill Mondt 28 days ago
Keep up these drag week vids they are awes5
Mike Winn
Mike Winn 28 days ago
What's this guy's US-first channel? I heard him say he has one. He's such a happy-go-lucky sweetheart of a guy. I'd be proud to have him in my corner.
Jen Fleharty
Jen Fleharty 28 days ago
Brooks is amazing! His US-first is ClevorBMF
Joshua Krause
Joshua Krause 28 days ago
I love how 1320 followed him all weekend and kept covering him, and his attitude is so upbeat. We need more of this in the world, he just kept on rockin. The whole time watching the video I’m yelling “COME ON! COME ON! looking for that 12. Awesome video and super cool car.
KINDA SKETCHY 28 days ago
Car is definitely down multiple holes.. it sounds horrible. A stock 351 on 12lbs should make high 300s with ease.
Richard Guido
Richard Guido 29 days ago
Awesome video, two buddies thrashing, having fun, making progress, just plain having fun!
Dirt Poor Garage.
Dirt Poor Garage. 29 days ago
Its great to see them having fun even through the issues and having a very underpowered car. When my car is done its really not going to be all that fast compared to all the LS and Coyote powered cars but its going to be a blast to drive and it will still be used as a summer time daily driver
LaMbErTJDMEG4 29 days ago
This guy's infectious man, wish I was that positive aw the time
Nicks Rides
Nicks Rides 29 days ago
Slow junk
SK Facilities
SK Facilities 29 days ago
Jealous of these guys, I cant get out of my own head ever.....Thnaks for sharing the ride!!!!
PayItForward 29 days ago
“My worst day at the track, is still better than my best day at work...” I’m sure plenty of people are thinking, well if you don’t like your job find a new one and quit. It’s never that simple. I love people like this. I’m definitely doing this next year with my 2018 Civic Si! It’s got a stage 1 tune, stage 3 clutch and a prl intake. It’s not about winning of course haha. But I think, that if I consider myself a car guy, or anyone does then you have to complete a race like this...
Nismo Nick
Nismo Nick 29 days ago
This is better than watching any rich dude race his pro mod ! Love all the content but this is definitely wholesome
Nismo Nick
Nismo Nick 27 days ago
@Clevor BMF dare to have fun brother !
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF 29 days ago
Thanks for that 🤘🏻
Alex Villalobos
Alex Villalobos Month ago
Now that’s how a v8 should sound 18:50
SIR SWERVE Month ago
This combo is a play on words...FORD lingo......
Terrance Adrian
Terrance Adrian Month ago
So.......it's a turbo that's belt driven as opposed to being driven by exhaust gasses? The love child of a turbo car and a pro charged car?! Lol. That's some antiquated equipment he's running there! Lol.
Jen Fleharty
Jen Fleharty Month ago
We have a turbo for it now!
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF Month ago
Definitely not a turbo lol
TheDuckumz Month ago
Sounds like shit, runs like shit, still fun as shit. Good job guys!
mark james
mark james Month ago
This guy is Tom Cruises cousin
Charles Beans
Charles Beans Month ago
That’s what racing’s all about!!!! Dudes having the time of his life💪🏼😅
Rhett Gerner
Rhett Gerner Month ago
Good chance his valve springs were gone
rjc862003 Month ago
Not bad for a NA v6 lol
FlOutdoorsTV Month ago
I think i speak for everyone when i say 1320video should start a gofundme for that man so we can sponsor a badass engine build for him or possibly a drag car????
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF Month ago
Yes please! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
Brian Mimbs
Brian Mimbs Month ago
If you didnt smile atleast the entire video. You are not normal!! This man was awesome!!! Love shit like this!!
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF Month ago
That’s what I’m talking about 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻
ozzy1976 Month ago
He seems like a cool cat, but I'd be embarrassed with those runs. I had a 89 LX 5.0 with a couple bolt ons n street tires n was running mid 13s. God, I miss that car. I still wonder what I would of ran with slicks on it. I was afraid of breaking something if I was to run it with slicks
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF Month ago
You’d be embarrassed that two days before race week you threw something together so you could make the race and enjoyed every minute 🤔 not embarrassed at all... wasn’t built to be fast, was thrown together to make race week.
Ivan Paz
Ivan Paz Month ago
Sneak peek of the roudesy
Street Racing Channel
Definitely sounds like it’s down at least two cylinders. It would probably go 12s on all 8
John Monroe
John Monroe 27 days ago
Someone is learning that Valve Springs are important. Even with a stock cam.
Mike Lliteras
Mike Lliteras Month ago
Never heard of a Clevor, come on man. Boss 302 is basically one.
Bryan Roupe
Bryan Roupe Month ago
Thats looks like a bone stock truck 351, with that truck intake and cam no wonder it will only rev to 3900.
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF Month ago
Lol exactly
J Taylor
J Taylor Month ago
Surprised no one noticed earlier in the weekend that it was down on cylinders.
Raven5.0 Month ago
He has 05-09 seats in it. Don’t see that often
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF Month ago
Love em!
Still the same Brooks I had the pleasure to meet and race with over 7 years ago. Awesome vid
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF Month ago
🤘🏻 was it that long ago?!?
Project Pile
Project Pile Month ago
This is 100% why I will do this event it doesn't matter what you run its about racing and family
Miguel Acosta
Miguel Acosta Month ago
he can build my car anyday
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF Month ago
I’d love to
Wobble Goat
Wobble Goat Month ago
1320video please make a public announcement about the RPM Act and the fucking assholes running the EPA!
1jiveturkey1 Month ago
This guy is awesome.
Billy Izzy
Billy Izzy Month ago
extraplain Month ago
He seems like a great guy.
Indian_ s3NpAi
Indian_ s3NpAi Month ago
I could feel how everyone here was rooting for that little car to do a 13s pass!!!
Clevor BMF
Clevor BMF Month ago
It was a very satisfying moment after all the hard work
real redding street cars
This has been one of my favorite racing videos iv seen for a long time. This is what racing is all about.
Dan Boren
Dan Boren Month ago
Nothing beats a positive attitude!
Zone6 THE Ohio State
It’s a Ford...You work on them before,during and after the race
Nate Month ago
That car was so slow that I double tapped forward and it was still on a pass lol
Jen Fleharty
Jen Fleharty Month ago
Joe Leonard
Joe Leonard Month ago
Somebody get this man an LS engine! Hell, even a coyote would be moving with 10lbs of boost.
Jeffrey Farabaugh
Ford problems